Chapter 402 - Qin Mo Wasn't Happy

Chapter 402: Qin Mo Wasn’t Happy

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The silver-haired young man held onto the mic under the lights, looking at Qin Mo with a smile. His lips were so close to the mic that all the light in the room gathered on his lips were glowing sparkles.

“Life is never long enough, fireworks reflect in your eyes…

“This world is never big enough, the smile you have when you look at me.

“In the lost views and people…

“You are the best for me…”

Obviously, she was singing this to Qin Mo.

Han Feng laughed lightly. “Qin Mo, your younger brother is really talented.”

Qin Mo didn’t respond, holding onto the wine glass in his hand.

Because from the moment that young man started singing… his eyes never moved away from Fu Jiu…

He didn’t even know himself what look he had when he was looked at Fu Jiu.

Secretly, he wished to possess her for his own.

Jiang Zuo looked from the side, and his heart started to sink.

In truth, Qin Mo had never looked at anyone like this before.

Was he overthinking, or did Qin Mo really have a thing for this Fu Jiu…

Jiang Zuo was a smart person.

Unlike Qin Mo, he was in medicine and had seen a lot in that circle.

He was more sensitive about such things than Qin Mo.

Plus, outsiders saw things more clearly.

Younger brother?

No big brother would look at his own younger brother in that way!

Jiang Zuo knew himself that some people were not really gay.

Sometimes, people with two similar personalities, who were spending time together all the time would… Furthermore, that young man’s face was so beautiful that it conquered the boundary of genders…

There was nothing wrong with Qin Mo being nice to someone.

Therefore, Jiang Zuo chose to not speak about this because he was afraid that Qin Mo would really become gay once he was reminded about this.

He… He couldn’t shoulder the responsibility for causing the Qin Family to not have any descendants.

But, if things continued to develop like this… Qin Mo, wait a second, why was he almost 100% percent sure that his buddy was becoming gay?

Jiang Zuo was frustrated by his own thoughts and went to get a drink.

Qin Mo turned around and met his eyes. Jiang Zuo paused.

After all, his good friend could see through all his thoughts with those sullen eyes.

On the contrary, the Han siblings were unaware of what was happening.

Han Feng was confused. “Hey? What’s up with you two? Looking into each other’s eyes!”

“Nothing.” Qin Mo sounded sullen.

Han Feng heard this and lifted his eyebrows in Jiang Zuo’s direction. “Really?”

Jiang Zuo laughed. “Fu Jiu sings really well, I’m just thinking that this old generation school prince is going to have to step back now.”

“Not just sings well, looks beautiful,” Han Feng lowered his voice and inched in closer to those two. “I’m gonna be so busy later, but take a look at Susu, she’s gone…”

Jiang Zuo wanted to mock him a little about that…

But after seeing Qin Mo’s eyes, he looked to the left again.

He didn’t notice before.

It was unknown if it was because he paid attention, but he ended up noticing Qin Mo’s smile after hearing that, and that was absolutely not a happy smile…