Chapter 403 - Almighty Qin Is Jealous

Chapter 403: Almighty Qin Is Jealous

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Han Susu, who was pink-faced, was still looking at Fu Jiu, who had just finished singing and had left the stage. She didn’t notice the changes around her.

It could be argued that Han Susu had never been this enthusiastic about anyone since she was born—with this kind of desire to meet someone.

As long as he stood beside her, a mere sentence from him would make her heart flutter so much that it didn’t seem to belong to her.

When she was born, she was surrounded by some children from senior cadres. They were all good-looking and a refined breed.

The brothers from the Qin Family and the Jiang Family were both superior to their peers.

She used to like Brother Qin.

But she knew that once she touched Brother Qin’s bottom line, she could never be close to him.

So she gave up later.

Although she gave up, she didn’t fancy anyone else.

As for the boys in school, they could never compare to these men.

Until yesterday in No.1 Middle School… Han Susu finally found that there was someone who would not flatter her because of her family background.

The youngster was cool to her from the beginning to the end, a man of few words. But it was that coldness that made Han Susu feel like he was the one she was looking for.

Then, Han Susu abandoned her former arrogance. The minute Fu Jiu finished her singing, she came up and wrapped her arms around Fu Jiu’s arm. “I picked a duet. You can sing the male part, and I can sing the female part. You will surely like it.”

Fu Jiu frowned. Though she thought girls were cute usually, she actually didn’t like anyone who got so close to her.

She felt nothing when it came to the Almighty because she was familiar with him.

But for a person she was not so familiar with… Fu Jiu nearly reacted by shaking off Han Susu’s grip.

“You sing first.” Han Susu’s face was pink. Regardless of how he thought of her, she liked the feeling of standing beside him.

Whatever, on account of the fact that she’s the sister of the Almighty’s friend…

With this in mind, Fu Jiu took the microphone from Han Susu while she slid her other hand in her trouser pocket, and began to sing.

A gust of wind buffeted her as the microphone was yanked away from behind.

It was Qin Mo.

Not only did Fu Jiu look back, even Han Susu stopped, momentarily stunned. “Brother Qin.”

“His eyes are not well. He should go home earlier and have a rest.” Qin Mo’s voice was indifferent, but just by standing there, he seemed to have a noble air about him. He said in an absolutely domineering manner, “Forget the song.”

Han Susu blurted, “But it is just 9 o’clock.”

“The smog is bad, so it will irritate his eyes if he returns home late.” Qin Mo turned his head and looked at Han Susu.

At that moment, Han Susu felt coldness exuding from his eyes for some baffling reason.

Perhaps it was because his face was so handsome and noble that Han Susu couldn’t tell.

But Jiang Zuo’s heart sank completely when he saw Qin Mo stub out the cigarette and walk over recklessly.

Han Susu didn’t want the youngster to leave.

However, Qin Mo said again, “Get dressed.”

It was directed at Fu Jiu. Fu Jiu just smiled wordlessly. She dragged her jacket over indifferently and zipped it up.

Qin Mo took the pure black facemask beside him and made Fu Jiu put it on. Then he nodded at Jiang Zuo and Han Feng, who were standing opposite him, indicating that they were leaving first.

Han Feng had wanted to say something, but Qin Mo had already taken the youngster out of the room.

“What… what happened?” Han Feng was confused. “Why are they in such a hurry to head home?”

Jiang Zuo didn’t say anything. His eyes still focused on the microphone placed on the coffee table by Qin Mo. The look in his eyes changed, but what he was thinking remained a mystery.

On the contrary, it was Han Susu who was quite considerate of Fu Jiu. “Didn’t you hear what Brother Qin said? Fu Jiu’s eyes aren’t well, so he needs to go home early and have a rest. Brother, you heard his singing, right? Wasn’t it nice?”

“Yes, yes, yes, look at how entranced you are! So now you are switching to that kid after chasing after your Brother Qin and Jiang?” Han Feng teased her. “Who said that she would turn her nose up at her peers? That, in her eyes, all those high school students were like little children, without an inkling of maturity. So is this one very mature?”

“Brother!” Han Susu pinched Han Feng, and stamped her feet. “Who did you say was a kid? You didn’t see him fight. It was so gorgeous! Besides, he is different from the students at school. He is pretty mature. Otherwise, Brother Qin would not recognize him as his younger brother. Would someone that Brother Qin looks up to be bad? Well, he is my Mr. Right!”

“I thought only those handsome Korean oppas 1 on TV are your Mr. Right.”

“They are not as handsome as he is. You will know if you see his fighting.”

When Han Susu recalled the scene in the morning at the school gate, her heart thumped.

Han Feng smiled. “That’s strange. Since he’s so good at fighting, why would Qin Mo protect him like he’s protecting a doll?”

Upon hearing that, Jiang Zuo’s fingers paused for a moment. He had been thinking about something else.

But Han Feng turned around and said to him, “Zuo, you have always been smarter than me. What do you think?”

Jiang Zuo first took a look at Han Susu’s red face, then focused his gaze on Han Feng’s face.

He knew very well that he couldn’t voice out his guess.

This was absolutely something he could not let Han Susu know.

“Fu Jiu is also a member of Supreme Alliance. The national competition is in less than two days. Currently, the condition of a player’s eye is really important for the game.”

Even Jiang Zuo could not believe in the words he said.

But whether he believed it or not wasn’t important, as long as the Han siblings believed him.

However, when leaving, Jiang Zuo still said something else, “Han Feng, tell Susu to give up on Fu Jiu, because it is obvious that Fu Jiu doesn’t like her, and it is not a good match.”

“He doesn’t like someone like my sister?” Han Feng found this laughable. “Then what kind of girl does he like?”

Jiang Zuo really felt like responding that the point was not the kind of girls he liked, but whether Qin Mo would allow him to.”

But at last, he held back. He stubbed out the cigarette and said, “Anyway, you have to listen to me. Don’t let Susu find Fu Jiu, and don’t think she can call him out through Qin Mo.”

Noticing how serious he was, Han Feng kept it in mind. However, it was a little difficult for him to stop his younger sister from finding someone.

Everyone present today could tell that his younger sister had fallen head over heels for Fu Jiu…

From the looks of it, being too handsome could be troublesome for a man too.

As the night deepened, the smog worsened.

The visibility outside was really bad, so Qin Mo had to slow down his driving speed.

When the Land Rover drove past with its domineering trajectories, it always attracted much attention.

But Qin Mo, who was in the driver’s seat, was just looking at the road ahead indifferently. With clear eyes and a handsome side profile, his expression seemed deep and serene, his true emotions unknown.