Chapter 404 - His Exclusive

Chapter 404: His Exclusive

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He felt that he had finally realized what Boss Lee meant—that his younger brother would one day be snatched away by some unknown woman.

It was very discomforting.

The feeling became more and more obvious, especially when he saw the youngster sing with Susu.

Although he had told himself that he could not act like this, that the youngster was not his alone and was different from all those toys he used to want. This was a living person.

Even so, Qin Mo was also unwilling to see similar scenes happen before him. To him, the youngster was just a high school student.

He was in his rebellious stage as a teenager, making it very easy for him to be attracted by the allures of the outside world.

As his elder brother, he naturally couldn’t let him go astray.

Puppy love?

That was even more impossible.

But if the youngster really met someone he liked, would he prevent it?

Qin Mo did not know why, but as soon as he thought about such a scene, it felt like a boulder was pressing on his chest.

It was not very painful, nor would it be very painful.

It was just that it made him feel like destroying something.

Qin Mo believed that it was likely he would take action, even though… he knew it was not right to do so.

But, at the same time, he also knew very clearly that the youngster wouldn’t do anything to him for a woman.

But once he took action, certain things were irrevocable…

Qin Mo shifted his gaze over, looking at the youngster who had his head tilted.

Perhaps the temperature in the car was too comfortable, so Fu Jiu, who was a little drowsy as soon as she got into the car partially due to the calming air of the Almighty, had already fallen asleep.

In Qin Mo’s eyes, Fu Jiu’s head was bobbing again and again, as he rested his fair pointy chin against the circle of fluff of his pure black jacket. When asleep, he was ridiculously handsome. It was no wonder there were so many girls who liked this guy.

Qin Mo stopped his car outside the Fu family’s villa without driving inside immediately. Instead, he turned sideways to unfasten the youngster’s seat belt and lowered his gaze towards Fu Jiu. He didn’t retract his arm immediately.

Fu Jiu did notice someone’s presence approaching.

But she knew subconsciously that she was in the car of the Almighty and nothing would happen.

Therefore, she remained asleep, but as if on a plane, she moved her body sideways and her head forward to lean into Qin Mo’s chest.

Qin Mo could have easily pushed the youngster away, but he maintained that posture and did not shrink back.

Instead, he moved his left hand and moved the youngster’s face to correct his position.

Fu Jiu moved a little, and even slowly found a more comfortable position to lie against Qin Mo’s chest with his cheek against his palm, looking extremely obedient.

He was like a cat waving his paws, still handsome and very silly.

Some of his silver hair was even flaring upwards.

The soft delicate profile and the touch of his palm gave Qin Mo the illusion that his palm was burning.

At that moment the youngster’s head happened to be resting on his chest, closest to his heart.

His previous frustrations vanished at once because of this action.

Qin Mo looked down as a silver whirlpool reflected deep in his eyes.

Perhaps this was the way it should be, even if the youngster was not his possession.

He was still his younger brother.

Since he was his younger brother, why let those girls snatch him away?

Qin Mo raised his hand and slid his fingertips through the youngster’s silver hair, like a devil in the dark, with an expression of indifference and pride.

This person is most suited to stay with him, right?

On the other side, Chen Xiaodong, who had come out for a walk, stood at the door and saw that domineering land rover, the Qin family car.

After trotting to the front of the car, he was just about to speak when he saw his young master… Was his young master throwing himself on Young Master Qin? Throwing himself on Young Master Qin!!!

This instantly jolted Chen Xiaodong!

The smog didn’t impact him in any way.

There was no bigger blow more shocking for him than this!

What kind of blow did the young master endure to be acting this way?

He was challenging Almighty Qin’s patience again and again!

Chen Xiaodong’s mouth turned agape as he looked at the stupendous scene inside the car.

Qin Mo noticed all of this. He looked up with his pair of deep eyes, locking onto Chen Xiaodong’s eyes while giving him a suppressive warning look.

Chen Xiaodong originally wanted to make a sound, but it abruptly caught in his throat.

When he saw Almighty Qin raise one long finger to his lips, signaling him to be quiet, all Chen Xiaodong could do was stand outside the car. He was at a loss as to whether to stay or go.

Only then did he realize that his young master was just sleeping.

Chen Xiaodong sighed in relief. It seemed that he was overthinking things. Of course, the premise was that his young master wasn’t pretending to sleep

But… isn’t Almighty Qin looking a little too gentle?

At that moment, Chen Xiaodong thought about the bed photos on Weibo.

He began to stare with even wider eyes.

Don’t tell him that these… these two people are already dating!

Did Almighty Qin really turn gay because of Young Master?

Chen Xiaodong was still shaking over there, but in the car, Qin Mo had already taken action. First, he drew back his body, opened the car door, turned to the side of Fu Jiu and reached out to open the right car door.

Chen Xiaodong just watched, because he was completely at a loss for words.

The long-legged Qin Mo bent down, moved his body into the car, supported Fu Jiu’s body with one hand, and placed the other hand under Fu Jiu’s knees.

Almighty Qin was carrying Young Master out!

Realizing this, Chen Xiaodong wanted to speak up again, but he could not resist Almighty Qin’s aura.

Just as Qin Mo’s breath brushed against Fu Jiu’s cheek and his fingers were about to reach a spot above her waist, Fu Jiu suddenly opened her eyes and reached out to hold the man’s wrist.

Qin Mo stopped, looking at the youngster with raised eyebrows.

Fu Jiu yawned with a languid look. “I fell asleep.”

“You slept the entire journey.” When Qin Mo saw the youngster wake up, he retracted his hand naturally, and even straightened his back up. “Get out of the car, put on your coat, and put on your mask.”

Fu Jiu answered tersely and lowered her head, pretending to adjust her mask, but she was actually breathing a sigh of relief.

If she hadn’t woken up in time, the Almighty would have carried her all the way into the house.

No one knew what problems would be revealed because of the carrying.

Recently, some parts of her body were turning increasingly disobedient.

The Almighty had never thought of the possibility that she was a girl due to her thick clothing.

Unlike in the summer, when it was easy to trip her up.

But no matter how thick the clothes were, once she was carried and touched, it might be unnoticeable to others, but for the Almighty…

Fu Jiu looked down and looked again at her upper body.

If he placed his hands on it, he would become suspicious.

She was probably unable to disguise as a boy much longer.

In the past, Fu Jiu’s body hadn’t developed completely.

Now that she was developing, together with the National Competition, spring would come once the year was over.

When that happened, the clothes she wore would be thinner.

No matter how well she pretended, she would probably not be able to deceive the Almighty. Therefore, be it for the competition or for the Fu Family, she had to take action quickly…