Chapter 405 - Brother Will Not Be Yielded

Chapter 405: Brother Will Not Be Yielded

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Fu Jiu sat up straight before getting out of the car.

Qin Mo had already discovered that the youngster was someone who was deathly afraid of the code. So when Fu Jiu got out of the car, he naturally reached out and zipped up the youngster’s coat.

With a mask donned, Fu Jiu looked down at the fingers tidying her collar and a faint smile could be seen in the corner of her eyes.

Anyhow, from Chen Xiaodong’s perspective, his Young Master had never been so obedient.

The way the Almighty lowered his eyes with his black bangs hanging over his face, those handsome looks easily threw people off.

It was as if… as if his young master belonged to him.

Chen Xiaodong shook his head and tried to stop his mind from wandering.

It didn’t bother Fu Jiu at all. The Almighty was always gentle and considerate so she always had an urge to take care of an Almighty at home.


Fu Jiu studied Qin Mo’s face again and found that she had no incisive point.

“You’ve been staring at me, am I good-looking?”

The Almighty spoke in a faint tone. It was obvious that his eyes was focused on her collar as he failed to perceive the evil glint in her eyes.

Fu Jiu smiled. “Yes, you’re good-looking. We are a combination of Handsome.”

“I thought you would say we are a group of scholars.” Qin Mo pulled his left hand away and stuffed it into his trouser pocket. He stood tall there with his deep eyes and half pricked eyebrows. It really was quite a astounding sight.

Fu Jiu: “…” There’s no way to get around the subject of scholar. Let’s change the topic!

“Why not go in and have a cup of tea?” Fu Jiu made a rare invitation.

“No. Sleep early.” Qin Mo rejected, his mind not on the conversation.

“Okay. Then see you tomorrow.” Fu Jiu turned her head sideways and glanced at her little butler.

Chen Xiaodong immediately understood and followed after her.

What made him turn back frequently was that the Almighty didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he leaned against the Land Rover and lit a cigarette. And it appeared as though his eyes were peeled in their direction.

Fu Jiu also sense it and she turned around, pointing at her mask while facing Qin Mo.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows.

Fu Jiu pointed to his right pocket again.

Following the instructions, Qin Mo touched his pocket and then there was a jolt in his back—It turned out that the youngster had left him a mask when he wasn’t noticing. This fellow.

Looking at the youngster far away, Qin Mo slowly hooked up his lips.

Then, under the foggy lights, those cold eyes became deeper.

With such a nice brother, why should he yield him to others?

It was not until Fu Jiu completely disappeared into the night that Qin Mo got into the car.

He took the mask out of his pocket and placed it in front of the steering wheel.

At that time, neither of them knew that there was a storm brewing on the unregulated official forum.

Negative remarks about Fu Jiu began early in the morning

A few fans of Spade who did not know any better was misled and started to have their loyalties change to either indifference or anti-fan behavior.

The official forum was different from the official Weibo account.

If something like that happened at the official Weibo account, Manager Feng would immediately learn of it.

But on the official forum, Manager Feng got the call an hour later.

A large number of posts were discussing Spade Z’s various faults and some people even started to establish group chats to attract fans and cheat. Those who truly supported Spade Z. were accused as white knights by the abandoning Spade Z fans.

There were also people who took this opportunity to gain popularity or vent their aggrievement from their past wrongdoings. They had appeared to blame Spade Z all of a sudden.

But that wasn’t the most important point.

Worst of all was when they started targeting Fu Jiu’s sexual orientation and issued a message like ” I’ll no longer support the Supreme Alliance if Spade Z is part of it.”