Chapter 406 - Qin Mo the Grim Reaper

Chapter 406: Qin Mo the Grim Reaper

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It was already four o'clock in the morning when Feng Yi realized the seriousness of the incident.

People in the country were not as open-minded as those abroad.

There were certain things many people still found unacceptable.

Take Qin Mo and Fu Jiu for example. It was okay if they distributed sweets, making it appear ambiguous, but if one of them really did like men, then a part of the fans would reject the couple.

Furthermore, the situation this time resulted in numerous posts.

Anyone who dabbled with the Internet knew that there were always people in the entertainment industry who employed anti-fans.

As long as they were employed, they would attack.

What made Feng Yi furious was the identity of the culprit!

Someone was definitely benefiting from the incident!

The only thing he could do was to take active measures. That was to request prominent influencers to not share the posts.

But when it came to the interests of others, some people didn't care. They broached the topic whenever possible.

At seven o'clock in the morning, the negative messages went completely out of control as they broke out on the official Weibo account.

People from smaller teams began to diss, saying things like how disgusting it was, or how could there be such people who liked men.

There was even someone who wrote: Want me to dissolve the Spade fan group? Forget it, since people are joining.

When translated, it meant that she was continuing to take advantage of Spade Z's popularity to fool others. Unfortunately, there were people who didn't lacked better judgment and were unable to understand the situation at all. People with maleficent intentions would claim that they were not taking advantage of Spade Z's popularity, but the evidence was very clear that their group was established in the purpose of dissing Spade Z, and a lot of people were cheated and joined this groups.

Feng Yi's phone didn't stopped since the morning. All it was regarding the authenticity of the post. Was Spade Z really gay?

Feng Yi was still able to handle the situation with artifice, and managed to keep the situation from getting worse.

But he knew clearly that it was not going very well.

What relieved him was when he received Qin Mo's phone call.

"What happened?" Qin Mo's voice was still very mild. However, in the mildness was a hidden layer of coldness.

After controlling the situation, Feng Yi said, "Someone had broke the news that Fu Jiu used to court men at school, and others blamed him for all the trouble he caused since he joined the Supreme Alliance. They want Supreme Alliance to return to its peaceful and quiet state like before."

"Well, tell them Supreme Alliance belongs to the Qin Group, not theirs." Qin Mo's wore an indifferent look and said ruthlessly, "Supreme Alliance will always has a place for Spade Z. We are live and die together."

Feng Yi paused for a moment. "Do we really need to be so insistent on the issue?"

Qin Mo didn't say anything, but Feng Yi was able to feel the coldness through the phone.

Feng Yi understood what Qin Mo meant, and moved his throat with greatly difficulty. "I am going to make a statement now."

"Not just a statement." A black thick fog seemed to spew out from Qin Mo's eyes. When the black windbreaker was rolled up, he looked like his character in the game—Grim Reaper. "This time, all the people involved shall be weeded out."

In the headquarters of the Jiang Group, after hearing what Qin Mo had said, Jiang Zuo lifted up his eyebrows. "So is this the reason why you came here so early to drink tea?"

"Yes." Qin Mo's eyes were cold. "Where are they?"

Jiang Zuo let out a long sigh. "When you called me at seven in the morning, I had already arranged it for you."

"Okay, let's go." Qin Mo stood up. The coldness surging out from his back made Jiang Zuo understand a fact—this time, no matter who came up with this idea would not end up fine…