Chapter 407 - Z Is Back.

Chapter 407: Z Is Back.

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Meanwhile at the Fu household.

Chen Xiaodong refused to let Fu Jiu go to.

The smart Fu Jiu quickly realized that something was amiss and she placed her hand on Chen Xiaodong’s shoulder. “Speak, what’s wrong?”

“N-nothing,” Chen Xiaodong said as his eyes shifted. He really didn’t want his young master to see or hear those remarks.

Fu Jiu hooked up her lips. “Does it have anything to do with school?”

“How could it happen at school?” Chen Xiaodong was completely unaware that he had been tricked.

“Oooh,” Fu Jiu responded, “then it’s something related to the team.”

Chen Xiaodong: “…”

“Give me the tablet.” Fu Jiu reached out in a handsome way.

But Chen Xiaodong clutched it tightly with his life, “You, the Almighty said you’re not allowed to casually use electronic products.”

“My eyes are alright now.” Fu Jiu raised her eyebrows and said, “Give it to me.”

Chen Xiaodong shook his head.

Fu Jiu smiled. “Are you not giving it to me? Do you want me to molest you?”

Chen Xiaodong’s eyes rounded with surprise. How could his young.. young master say that! Even if he was good-looking, the young master shouldn’t foul his own backyard!

Seizing his instant of momentarily loss, Fu Jiu stuck out her fingers and yanked the tablet from Chen Xiaodong’s arms.

She scanned the tablet very quickly, absorbing pages of information with a single glance.

Chen Xiaodong comforted Fu Ji, “Young Master, d-don’t take these words too seriously. What do these people know, they…”

“I’ll go to the bar.” Before Chen Xiaodong finished speaking, Fu Jiu threw the tablet back into his hands.

Chen Xiaodong was unable to stop her.

What’s more, Fu Jiu didn’t go to the place ran by Yin Wuyao. Instead, she went to a bar which was much smaller and closer.

It was her habit of not leaving traces of her presence in the same place. It was something even the Almighty did not know of.

“Boss, one computer please.”

This time, Fu Jiu even didn’t reveal her face or hair color. Wearing a pure black coat with a hat, she sat in the corner of the sofa.

Fu Jiu didn’t attack at once. Instead, she opened a game of “Dazzle Dance” as a disguise.

That was to say, even if someone passed behind her, they would only see her playing “Dazzle Dance” without knowing what she was really doing.

Wearing a headphone, Fu Jiu placed her hands on the porcelain white keyboard.

“Tak, tak, tak.”

The crisp typing sounded like sharp notes without any stagnation.

To many ordinary people, there might be too many things on the Internet which were hard to distinguish because one didn’t know who was who behind the layers of nicknames.

But for Fu Jiu, it was merely an IP address.

No matter how many nicknames a person used, she could lock onto the person’s real identity by intrusion and checking the IP.

It was impossible to say that she wasn’t affected at all.

Even Fu Jiu herself understood why the Almighty paid attention to her.

Having always taken the dark paths, she was even more intolerable of the darkness.

There was no such thing as absolute whiteness.

However, she would be uncontrollably want to do certain things once and for all in the dead of night.

Such as murder.

Therefore, she was probably a dangerous person.

Fu Jiu chuckled and once again, thought about the side profile of the man who adjusted her collar while his eyes were lowered.

Don’t do wrong, right?

But she also couldn’t forgive the perpetrators easily.

Stirring up things on the Internet?

Heh, do you not realize whose territory you are on?

Fu Jiu put a lollipop in her mouth. “You guys should be grateful to the Almighty. You would all be in hell if not for the beauty of the Almighty.”

If Yoshino was there at that time, he would definitely recognize Fu Jiu.

On the screen, there was lines of white code keeping scrolling down as firewalls were penetrated.

Z was back!