Chapter 408 - How Touching

Chapter 408: How Touching

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At 9 o’clock sharp.

Large amounts of negative news flooded the official Weibo page.

“Making Spade Z leave Supreme Alliance” had become a popular topic.

Fans of other team members started to leave comments after being incited.

“My Lord, you should stay away from that Spade Z, otherwise, I will stop being a fan of yours.”

Similar comments even showed on Lin Feng, Yun Hu, Feng Shang, and Yin Wuyao’s official Weibo page.

Xue Yaoyao eyes turned red from anger when she saw those comments. Her heart ached for the young man.

She had nothing when in a group.

But because of not having anything, she cared the least for things.

She recorded a voice message instead of a written one and posted on Weibo, titled: “You Know Nothing About Spade Z.”

After clicking on the link, Xue Yaoyao’s voice sounded, gentle and real: “I have been a chubby girl even since I was little, I was never popular at school, even outcasted, I was accused as a thief, and if not for the appearance of a young man, who told the public that justice might be late but would never be absent, I would still be carrying the burden of being a thief for the rest of my life. I feel so lucky that he showed up. When people disliked me because of my fatness and didn’t play with me, when everybody else was mocking me, this young man took me into the e-sport world with his gentlest strength and helped me accomplish the dream which I thought I would never realize. I know this is the life I want, so if Spade Z leaves Supreme Alliance, I would, too, because it was him that gave me my dream.”

“Me, count me on.” Feng Shang followed with a voice post quickly, shared Xue Yaoyao’s Weibo post, his voice sounding heavy: “In-in-in fact, I-I’m really scared of talking to you guys in such a manner a-a-as you can tell already, I-I stutter, and because of this, I’m afraid of doing a lot of things. Un-un-until I met my idol, he-he-he said there was nothing wrong with stuttering, i-i-it was cute. And-and-and he calls me Baby Feng, i-i-if some of you un-fan me because I’m close to him, suit yourselves.”

Yin Wuyao sat in front of computer, holding a cigarette butt in his mouth. He was a man of few words: “I returned to play games because someone told me age was not an issue. One can still quake the e-sport world at an old age. Since this person was being forced to resign, then I shall return to be the boss of my Internet cafe.”

Their voice posts created quite a stir among the fans.

A lot of people were wondering if they were wrong about it.

But there was no way the Kali Team people would stand down at such a critical moment.

Immediately, they left a message with one of their many fake accounts: “Supreme Alliance will not be threatened by you. How right does three new players have to say that much?”

Even in their wildest dreams, they never expected what would happen next.

Yun Hu 1 and Lin Feng 2 both released voice messages on the same official Weibo page: “Cloud-wind Couple Fans.”

“Screw you, it should be Wind-cloud Couple.” Lin Feng wasn’t happy about the order.

After they quieted the public opinion, they said with a deep voice: “Only we can judge if a teammate is good or not. Be it me or Lin Feng, we both will be on Spade Z’s side forever. The reason is simple—he has helped so many people that even when we were in Tokyo, he restored the dignity of Supreme Alliance, if a team doesn’t know how to be thankful, then there is no future for this team. Finally, since our Captain is busy, I’m passing on his words, Captain said, We, live and die together.”