Chapter 409 - Hacker Z's Technique

Chapter 409: Hacker Z’s Technique

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We live and die together.

Exactly how amazing was this player, so amazing that every team member came out to speak on his behalf?

They didn’t even care about losing their fans.

The Kali Team was confounded by the situation.

In their eyes, many things needed to be considered when doing things, especially the feelings of fans. Yet, they were daring enough to go this far.

Indeed, they had made a miscalculation.

Supreme Alliance was no ordinary team. They would never give up on their moral principles because of the fear of offending their fans.

What a joke.

They had all worked hard to get this far.

Because of their strong efforts, they all had bottom lines.

Like what Yun Hu had said, if a team didn’t know how to be thankful, then there was no future for the team

All kinds of strong teams would participate the National Grand Contest.

They had to compete together, every single one of them!

Because of this voice post, public opinion was reversed.

People were all born soft-hearted, even though sometimes it was hard to tell right from wrong. Therefore, people were moved by Supreme Alliance’s reaction.

The members of the Kali Team threw their mouse and said angrily, “Damn it, we were so close to finishing that Spade Z!”

“Should we continue posting?” Just as someone raised a question, it was unknown what was up with the Big Vs 1 .

All of them posted the same message on Weibo simultaneously!

The titles were all the same: “Come check out what the Kali Team’s shill accounts have been doing.”

Almost in a split second, the post was shared rapidly.

How could people not repost it?

The same IP address was shared by many other accounts. They first pretended to be a Spade Z fan by posting things on the official forum.

After that, they would switch to another account, claiming sadly that their posts were deleted.

Even the fake Spade Z fan group was created by them.

Wonder why people knew all of that so well?

The poster had very thoughtfully included screenshots with red arrows labeling the same IP addresses.

But the most shocking thing was another voice recording.

The content of the voice recording was—

“Damn it, we were so close to finishing that Spade Z!”

“Should we continue posting?”

It was a very clear conversation, so clear that one could even recognize the owners of those voices.

The Kali Team had done live streaming before.

Even if their fans wanted to say things in their favor, they no longer had the courage to do so.

The evidence was concrete!

Two of the Kali Team team members were unaware that their computers were hacked. Only when messages flooded their accounts did they finally learn of this Weibo post.

Just hearing a short portion of the voice recording drained the color from their faces!

“Who?! Who was the one who did the recording?!” One of them screamed subconsciously.

When they turned around, they only saw their own content members.

It was impossible that they set themselves up.

How did that voice recording get released?!

At that time, in an Internet cafe street at West Avenue.

A black-masked youngster’s fingers were bouncing and dancing on a keyboard. Several computers around her were all in attack mode.

Even the owner didn’t know when those dozen computers were paid for as they began operating.

“How odd!”

As soon as he voiced up, Fu Jiu put her cap down and stood up from her chair.

The dozens screens behind her disconnected automatically at the same time and one word appeared on the screens simultaneously —— K.O!