Chapter 41 - If You Are Under Me, I’ll Consider It

Chapter 41: If You Are Under Me, I’ll Consider It

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The air in the Hummer froze.

Fu Jiu could sense the changes around her, especially the icy aura radiating from her left…

“He already knows.” Fu Jiu was forced to finish the call, and she looked at Qin Mo mischievously. “If I say that this is a misunderstanding, would you buy it?”

Qin Mo looked at her, and his eyes were slightly frigid. “What do you think?”

“This is really a misunderstanding,” Fu Jiu emphasized the last part in order to be more convincing. “You are too difficult to sleep with.”

Qin Mo smiled. The curve of his thin lips was still cold, and he was grinding his snow white teeth with considerable strength. “Sorry about that, I’m not easy to push down. Should I lie down flat and let you do whatever you want with me?”

“If you are willing, why not?” Fu Jiu sounded like she really gave it thought.

As soon as she finished, Fatty’s foot spasmed, and their speed went up a few levels.

COCO wanted to shrink himself into nothing.

Qin Mo suddenly reached out with his hand and pinched hard on that face he hated so much that it made him grind his teeth. He said in a deep voice, “Fu Jiu!”

“Hm?” Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow and looked up at him with confusion. Her eyes were as pretty as the eyes of his cats at home.

Mostly, it was that fluffy silver hair that gave Qin Mo that illusion.

“If you still want to eat, then be quiet.” Qin Mo let go of her face. The silky sensation of her skin was still lingering on his fingertips, compelling him to look out the window. There was no warmth in his voice.

Qin Mo told himself that he didn’t throw this flirtatious guy out of the window only for the sake of Spade Z…

The dinner venue was a hotel with a high star rating, the most expensive place in Jiang City. It sparkled with lights and was luxuriously decorated.

Hundreds of thousands of wine glasses were hanging on the ceiling. Even the waiter was wearing formal black and white, and the service was extremely thoughtful.

Someone immediately went up to welcome him when they saw Qin Mo’s car drive in!

That wasn’t a mere doorman but the hotel lobby manager.

“CEO Qin, the rooftop garden that you reserved has been cleaned. Today’s Australian lobster is very fresh and the Arctic shellfish is good, too…”

Hearing what the manager said, Qin Mo tersely acknowledged it and said, “You tell him and see what he wants.”

The lobby manager paused and reluctantly turned his gaze to Fu Jiu.

He was still fine when he did not see her at first. As soon as he laid his eyes on her, his heart almost jumped out!

This! Wasn’t this the black sheep of the Fu family, Fu Jiu!?

Every time they came to the hotel, they would always show off and order a lot of things, asking them to casually open vintage wines. However, in truth, they didn’t have that much money in their pockets.

He was totally an unwelcome nouveau riche.

Why was he with the CEO?!

And CEO Qin even asked his opinion on ordering?!

Fu Jiu instantly knew what the manager was thinking.

After all, she was no stranger here, and she came here often to eat.

The lobby manager must have had a deep impression of her, and he even put her on the blacklist with the tricks those siblings had pulled.

“Lobster then.” Fu Jiu smiled, her eyes suffused with a faint glint.

Indeed, she still likes the expensive stuff.

The lobby manager quietly took the order down.

Qin Mo, who was walking ahead, tilted his head. He said in a indifferent tone, “You like lobster?”

Fu Jiu held her lollipop loosely in her mouth and didn’t deny it.

Qin Mo answered tersely and told the person behind him, “Ten lobsters, all for him.”

The lobby manager: “…”