Chapter 410 - Kali Team, Get Out

Chapter 410: Kali Team, Get Out

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“WTF!” The owner of the Internet cafe was confused and smacked the computer server again and again.

Fu Jiu had already walked out of the alley.

The public opinion on the Internet had completely turned.

Kali Team was shameless to the extreme for they refused to admit their actions despite being exposed.

Perhaps they were certain about one thing — You didn’t need to be responsible for what you said online.

But was it true?

Not really.

Don’t take people as fools.

Some could be fooled easily, but they were just part of a tiny minority who lacked the proper values.

With the winds changing, everyone denounced the Kali Team and demanded for their apology.

“They built a fake fan group in the name of our Big Spade, claiming to be supporting him, but was actually a diss in disguise.”

“Who on earth gave you the right to be so full of yourselves?

“Using so many accounts to force my Big Spade to leave Supreme Alliance, scheming bitches!”

“Team like you don’t deserve to compete at the National Grand Contest.”

“Such striking contrast between the Supreme Alliance’s actions and yours, can’t you focus on playing games as professional game players, why do you have to harm others?”

“Previous poster, you still don’t get it, first, they gain popularity through Spade, then when they send Spade leaving, they would ultimately benefit the most!”

“After seeing the screenshot and listening to the voice recording, all I can say is: how shameless!”

“Two words for Kali Team, get out!”

Those girls who refused to admit their actions didn’t even dare switch on their computers after seeing the comments.

“What is wrong with this people? I took a look at it, and those people aren’t Spade fans. How is this thing any of their business?”

Only the rarest breed of people would talk like this.

Perhaps the members of the Kali Team would never understand that people always stood on the side of justice when it was about principles.

This didn’t require any organizing or to be anyone’s fans, this was human nature.

Who didn’t have a heart filled with blood filled with ardor?

Except Liuli and company.

“Captain, what should we do now? If this continues, we will have problem with the live streaming tomorrow.”

It was surprising that someone was still thinking about the live streaming when the situation had panned out in this way.

Liuli’s eyes deepened. After all, she was a queen in the eyes of those nerds. She had never been criticized like this in her life.

It was all because of that Spade Z, that voice recording… How did it leak out!?

Upon having this thought appear in her mind, Liuli threw the mouse hard on the floor.


The whole club fell silent.

No one dare to speak.

Liuli took a deep breath, fiddled her long hair, and said, “Apologize.”


How could we apologize for this?

Once we apologize, it’s impossible for us to compete anymore, right?

Liuli looked at her players and said slowly, “It is out now, so someone needs to take responsibility. Since you messed up and said what shouldn’t be said and got caught saying that, apologize for the whole Kali Team.”

At that moment, everyone understood their captain’s meaning.

Liuli was saying that the people whose voices were put online were to apologize.

Which meant, saving the entire team by sacrificing two players?

The two girls who were seething in hatred towards Fu Jiu were taken aback. They couldn’t believe their ears: “Captain, you previously said that…”

“Did I?” Liuli cut them off calmly before they could even finish.