Chapter 411 - Almighty Qin Rules!

Chapter 411: Almighty Qin Rules!

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Right after that, she glanced at her whole team. “I think everyone else shares the same opinion as me. The National Grand Final is coming, do the two of you wish that all of us leave with you? Impossible.”

“That’s right, impossible.” Someone walked over and said, “Since you did things so inadequately, apologize.”

“Exactly, don’t drag us all down, we still need to compete.”

The two girls’ feelings were indescribable. They didn’t expect that their teammates would use the tricks they played on Spade Z on them.

They were obviously all in it together.

Why did they say they were pulling them down?

Just because they had their voices recorded?

“You, all of you! We won’t apologize!” One of the two girls shouted, “If we apologize, everyone apologizes!”

Liuli stood to the side, expressionless. “This is not up to you, turn your computer on. The account should be logged in automatically.”

At this moment, the two girls realized that they had no choice.

For the moment when their deeds were exposed, not only was it their Captain, but their teammates who played with them everyday had also decided to make them scapegoats to take all the responsibility.

Yes, how could they forget?

Not all the teams were like Supreme Alliance, who lived and died together.

Liuli had planned everything out.

Once these two sent the posts out.

She logged onto the official Weibo page, wrote a release: “For the Kali Team to have issues, I’m responsible partly for this mistake as Captain. I failed to realize that we had such people on my team in timely fashion. Now, we have already expelled the problematic members from the Kali Team. I hereby release this statement and invite everyone in the industry to bear witness.”

One had to admit that Liuli’s plan was flawless.

Soon there were people comforting her under that post.

Even some Spade Z fans thought that she held no responsibility, and her attitude was already good enough.

But was this the truth?

Obviously not.

Liuli overlooked one thing.

Yun Hu had mentioned earlier that Almighty Qin was busy with other things.

Since Qin Mo had decided to take action, this was definitely not the end to the matter.

Around 10 o’clock, at a Starbucks in a shopping mall, someone had his head buried in his phone and computer.

He looked like a professional in the IT industry.

There was a Weibo page on the screen, but his mind wasn’t on that at all.

The public opinion on the Internet had changed, so no matter how hard he tried to turn it around, it was too difficult.

This was all that Xue Yaoyao’s fault. Her words had resonated with many people.

As such, an opportune moment to attack had been wasted..

But what frustrated him the most was that Weibo post which had been sent out automatically.

He had been hired at great cost to spread negative rumors about Spade Z.

How did the leak with the Kali Team happen?

And during those short five minutes, he couldn’t log in to his account no matter what.

His friends, too, had their machines working abnormally.

What the hell was happening?

He had wanted to save the Kali Team, but it was impossible.

They were his employers, but his boss acted wisely, especially that Captain Liuli. She knew what to say and made two scapegoats to ease the public outrage.

Noticing that the drama had been basically contained on the official Weibo page, the man looked at his phone. “Weird, why hasn’t that big client showed up yet?”

As soon as he finished speaking.


The chair across him was pulled out…

The one who sat down in front of him was none other than — the most powerful scion of Jiangcheng, Qin Mo!