Chapter 412 - Almighty Qin's Handsomeness

Chapter 412: Almighty Qin's Handsomeness

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The instant the man raised his head, he attempted to run!

But how could Qin Mo let this happen?

As soon as he moved his body, someone pressed his back down from behind. "Sit down."

The bodyguards of the Qin Family were from the army even though they wore black coats. They had long received the top-secret mission to protect Young Master Qin, for his unique status as the only son of the Qin Family and that he wasn't to be harmed in any way possible.

This person didn't know about any of this.

But he was still scared of this man in front of him from the bottom of his heart.

Qin Mo looked much more elegant, sitting there with his legs crossed. He took his gloves off while smiling slightly. "Who gave you the courage to fight against Supreme Alliance and attack Spade Z? Huh?"

"Young Master Qin, this was a mistake. It must have been a mistake. How would I ever harm Supreme Alliance?" The person obviously denied the charge.

Qin Mo tilted his head and curled his thin lips. "Mistake? Then let's talk about laws, the first paragraph of Article 246 of China's Criminal Law states that if found guilty of openly insulting others or fabricating facts even while on the Internet, the punishment is imprisonment up to three years if the circumstances are serious."

When the man heard the famous Young Master Qin recite a legal article down without making a single mistake, he felt a chill down his spine.

Qin Mo nonchalantly added, deepening the proverbial wound, "Do you wish to be jailed?"

"I… I really didn't do it." The person still refused to admit to his crime.

Qin Mo was twiddling with the silver lighter in his hand and gave his bodyguard a smile.

The bodyguard raised his fist and punched right into the man's stomach!

"AH!" That person's whole body shrank up.

Qin Mo acted like a royal prince who was just having his coffee. "Using Spade Z's popularity to gain fans, Internet fraud can be result in a punishment of up to fifteen years. If these charges are pinned on you, how many years do you think you will in the gallows?"

That person argued subconsciously. "I didn't create that group. They wanted to stir up some drama, I…"

Just as he said that, he suddenly realized that he had fallen straight into Young Master Qin's trap.

"They?" Qin Mo lowered his eyes. Even the corners of his mouth corner was cold. "Kali Team."

By now, the man was really scared witless, having never seen Young Master Qin act like this.

His voice was trembling out of fear. "Yes, it was them, but some of them have already apologized publicly."

"You call two scapegoats an apology?" Qin Mo sat there, exuding immense pressure on the man. "It looks like you do not know me well enough."

Once Qin Mo finished his sentence, the bodyguard understood tacitly and delivered another punch into the man's stomach.

It was so painful that he started to break out into cold sweat. He said, begging for forgiveness, "Young Master Qin, I'll tell, I'll tell everything. I only did it because I was hired. Liuli was the one behind all this…" He would die if he kept taking punches like this.

Qin Mo listened to that person until he finished, deepened his eyes, and said, sounding emotionless, "People in your field always keep a transaction record."

That person was surprised that Qin Mo knew about this as his eyes showed anxiety.

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows, and the corners of his mouth were cold.

That person was afraid that Young Master Qin would have him beaten again, so he quickly took out his phone. "I'm sending you the transaction screenshot right now."

Meanwhile, Liuli was smiling upon seeing the comforting comments on Weibo, but in the next second, her smile froze!