Chapter 413 - Jiang Zuo Made Things Clear, Almighty Qin Responded

Chapter 413: Jiang Zuo Made Things Clear, Almighty Qin Responded

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T-those are the chat records between her and a hacker. The records clearly indicated that she was hiring the hacker to attack Spade Z and there was even the sum she paid.

Liuli never expected someone who she worked with for more than six months would have kept such records and released it on the Internet!

The moment she saw the screenshot…

Liuli knew it was over for her.

It was truly over.

Even though there were a few people without any sense of right or wrong were still comforting her, it didn’t change the fact that most people still stood for justice.

And what Liuli did caused public outrage!

Even the National Contest committee put out a statement.

“Our committee has come to the conclusion of cancelling the Kali Team’s qualification to participate in the National Contest, due to some harmful measures and slanders that the team had directed towards another team. Esports are about real skills and talents, and not a game of dirty tricks.”

All members were disqualified from the competition, which also meant that none of them could compete anywhere else, even if they weren’t members of the Kali Team.

Instantly, there was a deafening silence in the club.

All of them sank into their seats, looking extremely pale.

Liuli was hit the hardest, turning both depressed and furious. Her first reaction was to call up that person. “What is up with you! Where is your professional integrity, why…”

“This is Qin Mo.”

Just four words made Liuli swallow all her words. “A-Almighty Qin…”

How… How was this possible?

The color in Liuli’s face drained, as if all of her blood was drawn away.

Nothing was more worse than this.

She had done everything for this man, but now, the one dealing with her was the same man. Furthermore, he knew her filthy side.

Liuli even had the belief that the man had purposely picked up her phone call personally.

“Listen, this is just the beginning.” Qin Mo was not one who would talk too much with this kind of women. After he hung up, he threw the phone back on the wooden table.

The man said with an obsequious smile, “Look, Young Master Qin, I told you it was her idea.”

Qin Mo glanced at him. “Apprehend him and take him to the police station.”

“Young Master Qin!” The man rounded his eyes and tried to resist.

Qin Mo had stood up and strode out.

Jiang Zuo was standing outside. Upon seeing Qin Mo walk out, he snuffed out his cigarette, and although he knew this was not the best time to ask, he still did. “Don’t you realize that you treat Fu Jiu a little too well?”

“He’s my younger brother, I don’t see why I shouldn’t.” Qin Mo turned over and looked at his good friend with his deep eyes.

Jiang Zuo wore a serious expression. “You know this is not what I meant.”

Qin Mo stopped and looked at Jiang Zuo. “It’s not like what you think, we are just brothers.”

“I hope so.” Jiang Zuo looked more relieved. As long as Qin Mo hadn’t put his emotions in the wrong spot, everything was fine. After all, being gay wasn’t that easy in their society.

But… the strange thing was—where was our star of the day?

It wasn’t that Fu Jiu didn’t appear. She had gone to the place that suited her the most — Fu Corporation.

The top floor was for board meetings.

This was no-doubt a busy day for the Fu Corporation.

In Su Mei’s words, everyone there was a boss of the Fu Corporation, having the right to decide the future of the company.

Of course, when she was saying that, she didn’t even look at He Honghua, and one could see a smile on her mouth corner. She had clearly excluded He Honghua…