Chapter 414 - Board-meeting, Face Slap 1

Chapter 414: Board-meeting, Face Slap 1

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“As we all know, the Fu Corporation needs fresh blood to strengthen its brand.” Su Mei was in business suit, looked elegant. “The esports industry including merchandise and online streaming, provide immeasurable profits. Sadly, our generation is too old to understand our clients’ needs; therefore, I asked Zhongyi to hold this board meeting. If we let Ximing take over the business over this new industry, I believe he will lead the Fu Corporation in the right direction.”

When the shareholders heard this, they expressed their approval.

“Young Master Fu is definitely qualified.”

“So many people enjoy the way he games.”

“Now that he has joined a regional team, he will be showcasing himself at a national contest. This will bring great popularity to the Fu Corporation.”

“Old fogies like us can relax more when a new manager takes the position.”

Three of the board members were Su Mei’s relatives, and one of them was Su Mei’s own younger brother. Obviously, they would agree to whatever she said.

There were also one or two board members of lesser significance. All they cared was to receive the company’s dividends.

After all, they believed that Fu Ximing would take over the Fu Corporation sooner or later. Even if He Honghua had shares, that tiny amount of 25% wouldn’t change anything.

Fu Zhongyi was another story; he held 45% of the stocks, and with the 15% in the hands of Su Mei’s brother, it was obvious who would take over the Fu Corporation.

There were still two older shareholders who didn’t agree to the suggestion, they were co-founders who started everything from zero with He Honghua and Fu Zhongyi.

They knew well that if not for He Honghua’s spending of every penny she had for the company, there would be no Fu Corporation.

Fu Zhongyi was an ingrate, but they didn’t forget what He Honghua had done. “I don’t agree, The Fu Corporation is different now. We need to consider every aspect. Whoever is on the Fu family tree should take the position. This is the only right way to do it.”

Su Mei had expected this from the two shareholders. She first glanced at He Honghua. “You two are right about it. If only Sister He’s son was excellent enough, I wouldn’t have made Ximing take this responsibility. Now that news of how Fu Jiu is into boys is all over the Internet, how would that make us look? And I suspect that Fu Jiu will be kicked out from Supreme Alliance after today. How can such a moral degenerate become manager of the Fu Corporation?”

“You!” He Honghua could tolerate anything Su Mei threw at her previously for she was prepared to take her insults, knowing that things were different now.

How could a secretary mistress have the right to speak at a board meeting?

The reason was straightforward and blunt—Fu Zhongyi had more shares than she did.

As for Fu Zhongyi… He Honghua had given up on this man completely.

She knew better than anyone how nice her Jiu was.

She couldn’t take the denigrating of her own child from anyone. It was her nature as a mother.

“Moral degenerate?” He Honghua straightened her chubby body and laughed coldly. “You are just a mistress, what right do you have to judge others?”

Su Mei’s body shrank back instantly. He Honghua didn’t do anything to her, but she felt that she had just taken a burning slap to the face.

Fu Zhongyi couldn’t bear this and stood in front of Su Mei, protecting her.

Su Mei gave a long sigh, shook her head, and said, “Sister Honghua, I really can’t communicate with someone like you. Call security and take Manager He out of here.”