Chapter 415 - Fu Jiu Arrives, Face Slap 2

Chapter 415: Fu Jiu Arrives, Face Slap 2

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They were throwing He Honghua out!

All the board members could tell what was happening as they hurriedly looked over.

He Honghua widened her eyes. “How dare you!?”

“Sister Honghua, I’m showing my respect by calling you sister, but if you don’t appreciate this respect, I can only ask security to escort you out.” Su Mei presented herself as the pitiful one. “How can we continue the board meeting with you shouting so loudly here? This is a company, not the countryside. We are unable to continue the meeting if you remain here.”

He Honghua’s chest was hurting. “I have shares in the Fu Corporation! What right do you have to stop me from sitting here!”

“Yes, we all know that you have shares.” Su Mei acted like she was a reasonable person. “That’s why I invited you here. I suggested to you many times to return your shares to Zhongyi, or we can buy them, but you always refuse the suggestion. Now, we are making an important company decision. Of course, it’s all decided by the majority of shareholders. Your 25% were obtained from those tens of thousands of yuan you provided back when the company was being established. You can’t always act as you wish just because of that money.”

However, all the old employees who had set this company up with Fu Zhongyi knew that there would be no Fu Corporation without those tens of thousands of yuan!

But now, this was even used by Su Mei to mock He Honghua.

No one could understand He Honghua’s feelings. The rage and deep sorrow even made her breathing tremble.

Just as the two old shareholders couldn’t watch this further and were about to voice up, Fu Zhongyi coughed coldly.

That made it clear to them that Fu Zhongyi no longer cared about the past.

No only He Honghua, they also lost the right to participate in decision making.

Su Mei continued, looked at He Honghua with her eyebrows lifted. “The company really doesn’t need you to add to its troubles, Sister. Security, what are you waiting for? Please escort her out. We still have a meeting to discuss!’

“Yes.” Two security guards instantly went forward and grabbed He Honghua’s arms.

He Honghua’s eyes were red. “What right do you have to do this as a secretary? And you, look closer, I am a shareholder.”

The security guards had been with the company for a while, and they knew very well who called the shots.

They didn’t even pay attention to what He Honghua said, as they began pulling her out.

At that moment—


Something sounded up from behind.

They looked back subconsciously, as their calves suffered a heavy hit from a skateboard.

It was so painful that the guards nearly cried out and loosened their grip.

The skateboard bounced back and returned under Fu Jiu’s foot.

She stood at the door, dressed in black. Her dangling hair shone like silver as her eyes looked foul. She said, sounding emotionless, “Who permitted you to touch my mother?”

“Jiu?” He Honghua froze in surprise.

Everyone in the meeting room stood up upon seeing this. It including Fu Ximing who had been hiding behind a partition all this while. Unable to put up with this sudden appearance, he charged out and glared at Fu Jiu with hatred.

Fu Zhongyi was furious. He did not consider Fu Jiu’s feelings as he unleashed his nasty words. “How dare a profligate like you show up here!? Look at all the unsightly things you have done! Chasing men all over the school? Scram, take your mother and get out together! Now!”

“Scram?” Fu Jiu savored the word, as her lips curled up. It was as if she was saying — Are you even qualified to order me to scram?