Chapter 416 - Untitled

Chapter 416: Untitled

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Su Mei really knew how to handle interpersonal relationships. She held Fu Zhongyi’s arm right away and while comforting Fu Zhongyi, she said to Fu Jiu, “Your father’s health hasn’t been well all this while. The people sitting here are all your seniors. I can turn a blind eye towards your lack of respect usually, but to think you brought your skateboard to hurt others? You don’t belong here. As your aunt, I advise you to leave right now, otherwise the situation will only turn ugly if this continues. It’s neither good for you nor your mother.”

Upon hearing that, Fu Jiu turned her head and smiled. She stood in front of He Honghua and placed a single hand in her pocket, and looked down at Su Mei. “Since you are just the secretary, you should be standing there quietly and do what you what you required to do. A conversation between our family members is none of your business.”

“You.” Su Mei squinted her eyes. “Fu Jiu, why are you now acting like your mother. Don’t you realize where you are? Let me say it again. This is a board meeting for majority shareholders. You…”

Before she finished her sentence, Fu Jiu interrupted her. She twiddled a USB flash drive in her hand and said in indifferent voice, “It’s because this is a shareholder meeting that I’m warning you to do what a secretary should do. Otherwise, get out of here.”

“You, vile spawn!” As soon as Fu Zhongyi heard that, he disregarded her feelings and yelled. “Call security. Call or all the security guards downstairs. Where do you think you are? Somewhere for you to cause trouble as you wish?”

Su Mei’s face turned cold, very cold. No one here had ever dared to chase her out verbally.

This bumpkin really needs to be taught a lesson, or he will forget his place!

He deserves to be ousted!

You are the one who refused a toast only to drink a forfeit!

The smart Fu Jiu had already read Su Mei’s mind. But she seemed not to notice and ignored Fu Zhongyi’s declaration about guards. She walked towards the long table in the conference room.

Then, she held out her hands and knocked on the back of a person’s chair.

It was no else but Su Mei’s brother, Su Xing.

“What do you want? Fu Jiu, what the hell do you want to do?” After seeing this, Fu Ximing’s tiny, arrogant face wore a vicious look.

Compared to him, Fu Jiu’s expression was much more indifferent. “I want to ask this uncle of yours if he has the right to sit here.”

“Fu Jiu.” Su Mei wanted to say something again. “Su Xing is one of Fu Corporation’s shareholders. You should call him Boss Su when you see him and you shouldn’t speak in such a tone.”

“That’s right, how can he speak to Boss Su like this?”

“Exactly. This Fu Jiu is really like He Honghua.”

“Regardless, they are from countryside. Even though they are rich now, they can’t get rid of their bad habits. Fortunately, the Fu Family still has Ximing.

The shareholders beside looked at Fu Jiu with looks filled with disapproval. These two people didn’t have much shares on their hand, but they supported the Su Family in every respect.

Su Xing sneered as well. “That’s enough. Boss He, take your son who isn’t clear in mind and leave immediately. We don’t want to see jokers all the time.”

Every time a shareholders’ meeting was held, He Honghua would suffer all kinds of mockery. However, she always clenched her fist and told herself that she needed to endure all of that for Jiu.

Now, Jiu was just standing in front of her. Yet, that group of people…

He Honghua couldn’t stay any longer. It wasn’t because she couldn’t tolerate the verbal abuse, but she was afraid Jiu would be wronged. Just as she held out her hands, Fu Jiu opened her mouth with an extremely indifferent expression. “I guess someone has forgotten that his shares amounting to fifteen percent has been mortgaged.”