Chapter 417 - Lord Jiu Viciously Slaps Faces

Chapter 417: Lord Jiu Viciously Slaps Faces

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The voice of the youngster was of an adequate level which permeated a unique magnetic vibe.

It sounded beautiful, almost unlike the sound he expected from Fu Jiu—a hillbilly.

But it was such a sentence that gave Su Xing a shock as his expression changed. He had already had some wine and now, he even faltered a little and was no longer as placid as before.

Fu Jiu laughed while her eyes remained cold. “It seems that Boss Su has recalled something.”

“You, you… no, it can’t be you!” Su Xing’s lips turned white.

Su Mei immediately realized that something was wrong with the situation. “What do you mean by saying it can’t be him? Xing, What’s the matter?”

“No… nothing important.” Su Xing replied with his eyes, dodging.

Fu Jiu slowly pulled away the leather chair and sat in his seat. She looked at Su Mei and said five words extremely coolly. “That is exactly what it is.”

That… that was a seat only shareholders were eligible to sit!

It couldn’t be as she imagined!

How’s that possible?

“Xing, say something!” Su Mei could hardly endure the anxiety.

Su Xing stuttered, afraid of looking at his sister. Finally, he pointed at Fu Jiu angrily. “You did it on purpose! You had set a trap for me, right? Otherwise, how could I lose so much money that day!” He lost so much that he mortgaged the shares for the purpose of gaining his money back again.

He had planned to mortgage the shares first and redeem it later. To his surprise, the shares were not returned to him.

Su Xing initially believed that his counterparty was unsatisfied with the price and had planned on negotiating with them today.

How could this guy become the shareholder!?

Fu Jiu crossed her long legs, exuding an air of a CEO. “Boss Su, what you’ve said is a little overboard. Did I hold a gun and force you to bet? You were the one who took the Fu Corporation shares for granted and casually mortgaged it. Actually it’s easy to understand. Your shares are different from my mother’s after all. When the Fu Corporation was founded by Boss Fu in the beginning, my mother paid 90% of the money. And when the Fu Corporation was in trouble, my mother used all the money she had to finance the company and became one of its shareholders. Back then, the Fu Corporation was worthless and nobody would care about it. My mother did it for the cause of helping others. And there were also two uncles who fought alongside her. The shares these people have all came through sweat and tears. It’s why they cherish the shares. They wouldn’t have thoughts of selling their shares even if they are one day forced by their mistresses. Boss Su, you on the other hand are different. With simply a third sister who is good at pillow talk, you easily received 15% of the Fu Corporation shares. Certainly you can mortgage it at will since it was so easily obtainable by you.”

“You, you!” Su Xing’s whole face flushed red with anger!

Fu Zhongyi’s and Su Mei’s expressions were even nastier.

Fu Jiu had ripped off the faces of the three from inside out with what she had said.

The two old stalwarts of the Fu Corporation had never expected Fu Jiu top mention such things.

Sometimes in business, they had no choice but act against their principles, but they were different from Fu Zhongyi in the end.

Those who had suffered knew how things did not come easy.

Only by being loyal to the people of the past would one live with ease.

Now, memories of those days seemed to flood back as the youngster mentioned it.

It was a time when they fought side by side, and although He Honghua lacked culture, she was very foresighted and tactical. But later, Su Mei intervened.

And that woman was good at acting. She pretended to be poor and ruined the reputation of He Honghua.

Therefore, this resulted in people’s first reaction that she was nothing more than a village girl who knew nothing at the mention of He Honghua.