Chapter 418 - That’s Her—Hacker Z

Chapter 418: That’s Her—Hacker Z

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But who was it that determined that village girls were destined to be incapable?

Capability was not something that could be decided solely from one’s academic background or family background.

Back then, they had devoted themselves to their work and failed to notice this fact. Now, it was already too late that they realized it..

Fu Zhongyi was determined to protect Su Mei regardless what the smaller shareholders said.

He originally believed that the result this time would be the same as previous years, but he was shocked that such a reversal happened!

Actually, even He Honghua was stunned. “Jiu, you planned on buying shares when you asked me for money two days ago?”

“Right.” Fu Jiu chuckled. “I wanted to buy it for you as a birthday present. Mom, how do you like it? Are you satisfied with the gift?”

Fu Jiu naturally didn’t tell He Honghua that her targeting of Su Xing was a plan that she had hatched the moment she had a computer after her discharge from the hospital.

But all of that needed for a ripe opportunity and the day they returned from Tokyo was the best opportunity.

Gamblers could never give up gambling all their lives.

The money earned by her and the Almighty when they did raids was all used for this ruse.

How could she let off the Su Family members people who had bullied He Honghua?

However, every skilled hacker always covered their tracks when they obliterated someone.

So did Fu Jiu.

She had planned well. Every action she did was a setup..

That was her.

Even Interpol were helpless against her—Hacker Z.

Looking at the youngster in front of her, He Honghua’s eyes could not help but turn red.

Birthday gift?

So this is how it’s given?

Her Jiu was really…

“I like it very much.” She sniffled and her face bulged.

However, Fu Jiu shook her fingers. “It’s not only that.” When saying that, she held out her hand, and turned He Honghua’s body to Su Mei who was standing opposite. She lifted her eyebrows handsomely. “Mom, come. Let’s have more fun. Didn’t the three try to chase you out? Now use your identity as a shareholder with forty percent shareholder to get her to scram.”

Su Mei’s face turned white suddenly, and pinched her hand tightly. “Fu Jiu, your mother doesn’t have this right!”

“She does.” Fu Jiu’s voice was indifferent. “Forty percent share is enough to kick you, a secretary, out. Or do you prefer security to do so?”

Su Mei’s teeth gnawed at her lips tightly as if it was the only way she control her emotions which was already on the verge of losing control.

She could not leave in such a manner.

There were more than a hundred employees in the Fu Corporation. If she left in such a manner, how could she have the dignity to continue in the company?

Without a solution, Su Mei could only look at Fu Zhongyi with tears in her eyes.

Fu Zhongyi felt sorry for her, and turned his head around. “I dare you to use security. Forty percent, so what? Su Mei is my secretary, and I’m chairman of the board.”

“It’s not only forty percent.” At that moment, the two old stalwarts who had been eager to speak all this while stood forward. They walked behind Fu Jiu. “And the five percent of ours combined.”

Suddenly, Fu Zhongyi’s expression changed. “Y-you…”

“Zhongyi, we humans shouldn’t forget our roots.” This was the exact words from one of them.

But how could Fu Zhongyi accept it? He felt betrayed and looked at Fu Jiu in exasperation. “Truly well done! If I had known I would bring up such an ingrate, I would have fed the money to the dogs!”

“Zhonggyi, don’t get angry…” Su Mei was still pretending.

Fu Jiu looked at the two people in front of her. The man was fat and ungrateful. The woman was smart and shrewd. They were the perfect match.