Chapter 419 - Becoming A Shareholder

Chapter 419: Becoming A Shareholder

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“Boss Fu, it is best you keep those words to yourself. If my mom knew she raised an ingrate like you back then—one that forgets about family after having a mistress—how could she have taken out all her savings to let you build this company. Boss Fu, you really are old, so old to the point of forgetting the kindness you received in the past completely. But never mind, you’ll know soon that I’ll not only drive out the mistress you keep from the company, but also help my mom to snatch the company back. Or else, I’ll not be living up to the title ‘vile spawn’ you call me.” Fu Jiu remained placid and indifferent.

“You, you, you!” Fu Zhongyi reached out to his chest and only felt his blood rushing to his head.

Fu Jiu wasn’t worried about the scumbag as she put her fingers over the shoulder of He Honghua, “Come on, Mom, let’s continue the game we were playing…”

“There’s no need! I’ll leave on my own!” Su Mei knew she had no choice but to leave. Her fist were clenched so tightly that she lost any feelings of them. But there was no other way, and it was better to walk out on her own than be escorted out by security guards.

She just never imagined that the person to be chased out was not He Honghua, but her.

It was an insult for Su Mei that she had never suffered before.

However, the youngster did not seem to be done. “Secretary Su, how can you just go on your own? Take your son and your younger brother with you. We are holding a shareholders’ meeting, not a family banquet.”

When Fu Ximing heard this sentence from Fu Jiu, he nearly exploded with rage. “Who do you think you are!?”

“More like who do YOU think you are.” Fu Jiu was still smiling in her thin lips, but they had a menacing coldness. “I am now warning you to leave immediately with my status as a shareholder.”

Fu Ximing still wanted to say something, but Fu Jiu did not bother resorting to further sophistry. She pressed a key on the meeting table’s telephone and said, “Call in security.”

When Su Mei saw this, she had no choice but to pull Fu Ximing over.

“Mom, look at that arrogant look of his. I’m not leaving. What right does he have to make us leave. I…”

“Shut up,” Su Mei growled, looked at her precious son take a deep breath, and suppressed her voice to say, “If you don’t leave, are you waiting to have the security guards send you out? You are the second young master of the Fu Family. Even if you are driven out, you should walk out on your own, do you understand?”

Fu Ximing clenched his fist tightly. “I just can’t take this lying down.”

Fu Ximing was unable to swallow the insult, and so did Su Mei. However, could they not swallow it?

This was a shareholders’ meeting and Fu Jiu was a shareholder.

Su Mei had relied on this advantage before, but she had never imagined that the tables would turn on her in the same manner.

Due to the din, along with how the conference room’s door was open, many staff looked at the Su Family’s mother-son duo intentionally or otherwise.

That looks burned Su Mei’s face. She yearned to bury herself to hide from the shame!

At that moment, the arrogance of Su Mei and her son vanished completely.

In addition, since the Fu Family was involved in esports, there were always some Spade fans around.

They were already very excited after seeing the youngster, but when they heard the youngster deliver those words, the few of them seemed to be injected with stimulants, and posted more than ten comments on the Internet. “You should really know this side of Big Spade. Not only is he righteous, but he is also filial. There is no doubt that he’s a prince that protects his mother.”

At this moment, in the conference room, Fu Jiu was sitting in the position reserved for the third largest shareholder. She looked at Fu Zhongyi with her dark eyes and curled her thin lips slightly. “Come on, Boss Fu, let’s begin our formal meeting if you are still in the mood for it…”