Chapter 42 - Almighty Qin Touched Fu Jiu’s Head...

Chapter 42: Almighty Qin Touched Fu Jiu’s Head…

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“Yes, sir.”

That was the most difficult “yes” the lobby manager ever had to say.

Even though he was astonished inside, he was still good at reading people. When he raised his head up again, he was all smiles. “Young Master Fu, what else do you fancy, I will get them to serve it.”

“Young Master Fu?” Fu Jiu stopped, and her voice paused. “I don’t really like that name, it’s easy to mix me up with others. Isn’t there another Young Master Fu who comes here a lot?”

The lobby manager wanted to say that there was no way to mix them up.

The other one was an extremely well-mannered, straight-A student; anyone could tell the difference.

But since the CEO was here, he couldn’t say that, so he could only reluctantly explain, “That, that…”

“Call me Lord Jiu.” Fu Jiu pulled out her lollipop, and she still had her skateboard tucked under her arm. She laughed out loud with incomparable arrogance.

The lobby manager’s mouth spasmed from suppressed laughter.

“What?” Fu Jiu raised her eyebrows. “Manager Li, are you unwilling to?”

The lobby manager glanced at his CEO.

Qin Mo’s eyes were cold. “Fu Jiu.”

“Hm?” Fu Jiu raised her head up and her left eye winked at Almighty Qin, who was close to her. She pretended to be innocent, but she still couldn’t hide her arrogance.

“Don’t take it too far.” Qin Mo turned aside, pressing on her head with one hand. His voice was low, sounding domineering and magnetic at the same time, and his hard-to-ignore breath slowly hit Fu Jiu’s left ear. “This is still my territory.”

Exactly, exactly!

The lobby manager raised his head up and wanted to let out a cold harrumph.

But his CEO turned towards him again with cold eyes. “Manager Li, it’s just a name, call him by whatever he wants. Don’t make me teach you how to serve a guest.”

This… this was not what he had expected. Shouldn’t the CEO ask that nouveau riche to scram?

Why was the CEO supporting him?!

The lobby manager froze up again. “But, but…”

“But what.” Qin Mo lifted his gaze, put his left hand on his belt, and said with an air of elegant haughtiness, “Do it.”

The lobby manager quivered and lowered his head. “Lord Jiu.”

“Good boy, now go get the lobsters.” Fu Jiu nodded at him.

Inside, the lobby manager was cursing hatefully. A dog barks harder while its master is around!

Fu Jiu looked at the bitter sight of his back and curled her mouth up coldly.

Qin Mo lost his patience again and dragged her in.

According to Almighty Qin’s style, he never liked physical contact, therefore he grabbed Fu Jiu’s school uniform.

Fu Jiu was dragged to the rooftop like a cargo box by Almighty Qin.

COCO and Fatty both thought that Spade Z could live till now because of his gaming skills.

Otherwise the CEO wouldn’t have dragged him to the rooftop, but would have directly thrown him out of the hotel instead!

But even so, the CEO was very tolerant towards this kid.

And he even touched his head?!

This had never happened before!

Fu Jiu didn’t mind being dragged by Almighty Qin like that. After all, she was having a good time.


“You ordered so many lobsters, I can’t finish them all.” Fu Jiu looked at the table full of Australian lobsters and felt a little bit frustrated.

Qin Mo tilted his head and lit a cigarette. With a straight face, he said, “Take them back if you can’t finish them.”

I can take them home?

I didn’t expect that Almighty Qin would be this thoughtful.

Fu Jiu just erased that image of a viciously ruthless tycoon from her mind, when she heard Qin Mo say, “Go get two fresh ones for Young Master Jiu to take home. Let him finish these here.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Thoughtful my butt, it was all just a pie in the sky!