Chapter 420 - Qin Mo Is Really Good To You

Chapter 420: Qin Mo Is Really Good To You

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Fu Zhongyi obviously couldn’t continuewith the meeting.

It was already impressive that he didn’t need to eat pills for his heart since the man was trembling with anger all over.

However, Fu Zhongyi was also a man who had experienced a lot. Soon, his eyes sank the way he looked at Fu Jiu was nothing like him looking at his own child, but at an enemy. It was as if he wanted to skin him alive.

The proceedings of the meeting happened and their outcome was obvious.

Although Fu Zhongyi had the most shares in hand, with several minority shareholders on his side, he couldn’t independently decide the appointment of personnel in the company any longer.

In the past Fu Zhongyi allowed Su Mei to drive He Honghua out of the Fu Corporation, allowing her to only have shares without making any appearances in the company. It was to completely marginalize He Honghua.

Now, Fu Jiu’s actions had returned in kind.

To let an illegitimate child be General Manager?

As a shareholder, not only would she disagree, but she would also make the mother of the illegitimate child stay home.

From that day on, the decision-making power of the Fu Corporation was no longer concentrated in Fu Zhongyi’s hands alone.

Everyone in the Fu Corporation knew that there was a huge change in stock rights a decade ago. Perhaps, it was happening again a decade later.

They once looked down upon that upstart useless scion, never expecting that he had such tricks up his sleeves.

The two shareholders who had always supported the Su Family never expected it; therefore, after the meeting ended, they gave Fu Jiu quite unfriendly looks.

Fu Jiu just stood there, and dressed in black with silver hair. For some baffling reason, she gave off an air of royalty that astounded others.

This was basically a bonus for the female staff.

“Did you see that? That’s our Eldest Young Master. He’s from Supreme Alliance and is apparently very impressive.”

“He’s not only impressive, but also the king of first kills in C Zone. He also has great skill and a good personality. ”

It was absolutely said by a Spade fan.

Of course, most people did not play games.

But even so, when they saw the grace of the youngster—just the way he held his skateboard—it left them falling head over heels as they turned into instant fans.

Someone else said, “This person has changed a lot, and he wasn’t like this in the past. ”

“Forget the past, you were so far away from the conference room just now that you did not hear it. It’s uncertain who would be in charge of the Fu Corporation in the future.”

After all, no one expected the huge change in share ownership was a result of the youngster’s well-played hand. He had basically thrown in a trump card and created this unprecedented situation.

Meanwhile, He Honghua was still a little dazed when she got into the car; however, she realized how much her Jiu had changed.

It was good for the kid to be sensible, but…

“Jiu, tell me the truth. Have you been hiding something from me?” He Honghua turned her round head, looking very serious in the process.

Fu Jiu’s fingers paused for a moment, and she chuckled. “Mom, I don’t have anything to hide from you.”

“Then how did you…”

Before He Honghua could finish her sentence, Fu Jiu turned around to load her skateboard into the trunk of the car.

“Brother Mo taught me.”

Almighty, I’ll be using you.

“Qin Mo?” He Honghua’s eyes rounded. “He?”

Fu Jiu nodded, appearing extremely calm. “Yes, otherwise, how could I think of such a move with those stupid brains of mine? Brother Mo is experienced in business, so he’s best when it comes to such maneuvers.”

When He Honghua heard that, she found it reasonable, but immediately retorted, “My Jiu is not stupid at all.”

“Right, right, right, not stupid,” Fu Jiu replied, holding her phone to send a message. It was about transferring money to the casino where the Su Family member often went.

He Honghua was still in thought when she suddenly said, “Qin Mo is really good to you…”