Chapter 421 - Invite the Almighty Home for Dinner

Chapter 421: Invite the Almighty Home for Dinner

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“Oh?” Fu Jiu replied and it was obvious that her mind was still elsewhere.

He Honghua repeated. “I said that Qin Mo is really good to you!”

Upon hearing that, Fu Jiu smiled and took her phone back. She said naturally, “He is my brother. It’s only right he be nice to me.”

“Okay.” He Honghua was honest and she believed whatever her daughter said. “Then let’s invite Qin Mo home for dinner tonight. We should thank him; otherwise, we wouldn’t be so happy today. Hahahaha.”

He Hong smiled as brightly as she herself was.

Fu Jiu expressed, “There’s no need for it. I’ve treated him to barbecue just two days ago.” If the Almighty was invited home for dinner, what was she to do if her lies caught up to her?

Fu Jiu didn’t want He Honghua to know that the former Fu Jiu was already gone.

She was afraid that her mother would be sad.

But Fu Jiu also knew that people who were closer to her would be better at perceiving the changes she had.

Therefore, the Almighty could not come.

But this time, He Honghua refused to listen to Fu Jiu. “You silly child. Is your treat the same as my treat? Let’s invite him for dinner at home. Qin Mo is good-looking and thoughtful. I’ll be happy seeing him.”

Fu Jiu had to compliment her mother for her good taste. She also found the Almighty good-looking and thoughtful. She even wanted to buy him over.

However… it was too dangerous to forcibly do so.

“Mom, since Brother Mo is always busy with his work, he may not have the time.” Fu Jiu wanted He Honghua to be rid of the idea.”

He Honghua nodded. “That’s right. Call him first and see if he is available. I’ll prepare dinner if he is; otherwise, it wouldn’t be too late to invite him at a later date.”

“Okay. “Fu Jiu thought she had finally gotten away with it.

But she didn’t expect He Honghua to not start the car. Instead, she looked at her and said. “What are you waiting for? Make the phone call.”

Fu Jiu raise her eyebrows. “Now?”

“Of course.” He Honghua gave a command.

Fu Jiu couldn’t make the act too obvious, so she had no choice but to dial the phone number of the Almighty and thought that she would immediately hang up the phone on the third ring. Anyhow she had to make an appointment on WeChat in advance with him when she needed to call the Almighty up usually. So there should be little chance for this call to get through.

Unexpectedly, just as that thought came to her, there was a deep and melodic voice from the other end of the line. “Hello.”

What… He picked up after just one ring…

Fu Jiu glanced at He Honghua and saw there was a glow suffusing from her eyes. She said exasperated, “Brother Mo, it’s me.”

“I know it’s you.” Qin Mo sat in the passenger seat while Jiang Zuo was driving.

Jiang Zuo didn’t know whose call was so attractive to the man beside him that he was smiling faintly.

“Auntie is inviting me to dinner?” Qin Mo raised his hand and glanced at the watch. “What time?”

Fu Jiu replied immediately, “At 6 in the evening. If you’re busy, we can do a rain check.” Judging from the Almighty’s tone, he’s likely busy. Yes, let’s skip it this way.

Holding the phone, Qin Mo hooked up his lips playfully. “It seems as though you are reluctant to let me go.”

When Fu Jiu heard this, He Honghua happened to move her face closer. Upon hearing this, she looked at her child with a look of disapproval.

Fu Jiu remained unperturbed and she broke out into a chuckle. “Brother Mo, why wouldn’t I? I’ve been missing you having not seen you for day.” Why is the Almighty so clever? That’s the only trouble with people who studied psychology.

As if he could hear the heart of the youngster, Qin Mo smiled even deeper. He said in a light voice. “In that case, I’ll postpone the dinner meeting tonight. After all… you’re looking forward to seeing me this much.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Almighty, to tell the truth, you really don’t have to come.