Chapter 422 - Be a Son-in law?

Chapter 422: Be a Son-in law?

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When Jiang Zuo saw Qin Mo hang up the phone, he turned the steering wheel and lifted up his eyebrows. “Whose phone call made you so happy?”

“Fu Jiu’s.” Qin Mo turned his head and lit a cigarette. “Have dinner by yourselves. I will be making a trip to the Fu Family.”

Jiang Zuo responded tersely, temporarily believing that Qin Mo had no ideas about Young Master Fu. After all, he knew him so well.

He was never a person who could put up with his urges.

If Qin Mo did like Fu Jiu, he wouldn’t not take action just because he was a boy.

Besides, Qin Mo’s straightness was something the people in their circles knew very well.

When he was in senior high school in the past, a playful someone suggested finding some boys for Qin Mo.

That night, there were more young boys in the room, and they had looks prettier than girls.

But they parted in discord.

Qin Mo neither refused, nor did he show dislike.

So, there was nothing to worry about.

With this in mind, Jiang Zuo felt much better.

It could not be denied that Qin Mo was very nice to Fu Jiu.

But part of the reason was that he was a member of Supreme Alliance.

Now that Qin Mo had declared his inclinations, nothing would happen. It meant he knew what to do.

For the National League, he had shown a lot of care and concern as the elder brother.

Qin Mo did show a lot of care for the second visit was more exaggerated than the first.

The floor was covered with gift boxes as he said with slight smile, “Auntie, I came in a hurry the first two times, so I didn’t bring anything for you.”

Looking at the stuff covering the whole floor, He Honghua poked her Jiu’s back, and then said to Qin Mo, “You didn’t need to. Why go to the expense?I am making soup now, so you guys chat first.”

Seeing her mother leave happily, Fu Jiu said indifferently, “Brother Mo, why does it seem like you are sending dowries every time you come to my home?”

“Dowries?” Qin Mo glanced at the youngster who was drinking water, and said in a leisurely manner, “If they were, they are only betrothal presents.”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu almost choked. “Brother Mo, compared to before, I find you are much more…” Difficult to flirt with…

“What?” Qin Mo pricked up his good-looking eyebrows. Instantly, a nefarious aura emanated out.

Fu Jiu smiled slightly. “Nothing.”

“Come. Have some fruit.” He Honghua came out of the kitchen again in an apron.

Qin Mo thanked her in a noblistic and handsome manner.

The more He Honghua looked, the more satisfied she felt.

If not for the Qin Family being of such pedigree, it isn’t bad to have such a son-in-law.

No, no, no. What was she thinking about?

Qin Mo was too smart, so it was naturally good to be friends.

But to be a couple… Qin Mo probably doesn’t know that she’s a girl.

These were all forms of cheating and lying, so it was likely that the two would be impossible.

The more He Honghua thought, the darker her eyes were. She was not as happy as before.

But all of these remained hidden in her heart. After she prepared a table of dishes, and beckoned for the two sitting at the sofa to eat, her face had turned ruddy pink.

Before Fu Jiu could speak, He Honghua had already opened her mouth. “Qin Mo, I want to thank you for the shareholders’ meeting today.”

“Shareholders’ meeting?” With a wine glass in hand, Qin Mo repeated the two words.

He Honghua smiled. “Yes, I have already heard from Jiu. Nice plot. You are really a smart boy.”

Just from a few sentences, Qin Mo had already guessed something. He turned his eyes to look at the stunned youngster sitting beside him meaningfully. He hooked up his thin lips. “Auntie, you are so kind, and Fu Jiu is brilliant too…”