Chapter 423 - The Almighty Is Against Cheating

Chapter 423: The Almighty Is Against Cheating

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The voice seemed to ring in her ears deliberately.

Without the need to think, Fu Jiu knew that the Almighty was waiting to settle scores with her at a later time.

Immediately she felt that inviting the Almighty to have dinner at home was a huge mistake.

He Honghua was very happy. No mother in the world was unwilling to hear others praise their children. Qin Mo became more and more pleasing to her eyes, and she felt more and more regretful.

Throughout the meal, Qin Mo ate elegantly; every move was like his temperament, a complete gentleman.

He Honghua was finally able to understand what it mean to be of being blue blood. Such a man was definitely liked by a lot of girls…

No, a man who is liked by too many girls is always unreliable. There’s too much temptation outside.

In that case, they should be friends.

But Xiaodong told me that Jiu got hooked onto games because of this kid, Qin Mo.

Don’t tell me Jiu has…

When He Honghua thought of this, there was more concern in her eyes. She then stood up. “You sit. I’ll get someone to brew a pot of tea to aid in our digestion.”

In fact, He Honghua wasn’t leaving to get tea brewed. Instead, she needed some time alone.

He Honghua had never realized that her Jiu had already turned into a big girl until today.

She could not help wonder if she had made the right decision in the past.

If she didn’t want anything, her Jiu would be like all the other girls now, able to like anyone they liked without worry.

But now…

He Honghua didn’t want to consider what she would lose if she hadn’t done so in the past.

She couldn’t return home to the countryside.

She had sunken all her money into the Fu Corporation.

She had not forgotten to this day the call she made when the doctors told her that her child had congenital asthma and had to be hospitalized.

In a sense, He Honghua was more faithful than women in the city.

She couldn’t stand the fact that her man had another woman, and she had already written up the divorce agreement.

She once had the tenacious thought of not wanting anything at all, to simply carry her Jiu off and raise her alone.

It didn’t matter even if life was hard. She still had a pair of hands and could be a nanny for others.

The two words—” congenital asthma”—made her contact Fu Zhongyi.

Fu Zhongyi was very impatient at first., but when he heard that Jiu was a boy, he sent the money immediately.

At that moment, He Honghua knew that to let her child live well, she had to do so…

Although she was from the village, she was unwilling to let Fu Jiu see how she was now because of her motherly instincts; therefore, didn’t go out the entire time.

This made it convenient for the Almighty to interrogate someone.

“Now that Auntie isn’t here, you can tell me slowly about the shareholders’ meeting.” Qin Mo just sat on the sofa, and looked at the youngster with deep eyes with his gorgeous looks. “What plot did I use?”

Fu Jiu knew that she could not escape the disaster, so she explained the matter slightly.

“That’s cheating.” Qin Mo’s voice was still faint.

Fu Jiu could tell his disapproval in his words as she smiled lightly. “Sometimes, white lies are very necessary.”

For example, the matter that she was a girl, did not bring any benefit to anyone if revealed.

Until the Fu Corporation was back in their hands, she had to maintain this facade.

Firstly, it allowed her to take action easily, and secondly, it was to prevent Fu Zhongyi from making a big fuss because of this.

But when she looked at the Almighty, he appeared to be extremely against lying and cheating…