Chapter 424 - Z's ID Can't Be Changed

Chapter 424: Z’s ID Can’t Be Changed

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Fu Jiu thought about this as her fingers paused.

If the Almighty knew she had many things to hide, no good end would come out of it.

Fu Jiu had experienced the cleverness and ingenuity of Qin Mo in the past.

She had said long ago that she did not want to be this man’s enemy.

But according to the present situation, whether they became enemies would depend on the Almighty in the future.

Of course, Fu Jiu had considered telling Qin Mo the fact that she was a girl.

But in Tokyo, when she was reminded that the Almighty was the mysterious man that contained her, Fu Jiu just gave up the thought.


Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes.

The Almighty didn’t seem to like girls.

Once the Almighty knew she was a girl, she could not eliminate the possibility that he would figure out that her operating methods were in some way similar to Z’s.

Then she would be in danger.

She couldn’t change her identity and could only wear it.

It was okay unless she solved this problem and left.

Qin Mo’s eyes slid past the youngster who suddenly turned quiet. He turned his head, saying in the tone as an elder brother, “Why? Are you saying you can’t be faulted? Wall-climbing straight-A student?”

The last few words… Fu Jiu raised her eyes, looking very handsome. “Brother Mo, let’s discuss something.”

Qin Mo raised his eyes. “What?”

“Can you stop calling me scholar all the time…” Besides, with the words “wall-climbing,” it sounds so vicious tongue. I can tell.

Qin Mo looked at the youngster’s expression and smiled. He reached out a hand to flick Fu Jiu’s forehead, and said two words while being in quite a good mood. “No way.”

The corner of Fu Jiu’s mouth twitched… Can you be reasonable? Didn’t you say that the elder brother should make concessions to the younger brother, me?

Qin Mo really liked to see the corners of the fellow’s mouth collapse, because he knew that the cute appearance of the youngster was something only he could see. As for those girls…

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes. After the incident with the Kali Team, he made sure to investigate carefully when someone approached the youngster in the future.

Now that Fu Jiu was his younger brother, he naturally had to protect him well.

Women had too many schemes.

It wasn’t something Qin Mo felt in the past.

It wasn’t clear to him if every elder brother who had a younger brother acted like this.

However, there was something in common.

That is, no elder brother wished for people with ulterior motives to approach their younger brothers.

Qin Mo felt the same.

But from what he knew about the youngster, this guy was a first-rate troublemaker and scourge.

Then, in that pose, he added one sentence in a faint voice. “Since you have made me your shield, you should provide compensation.”

“Brother Mo, we are brothers. Feelings are hurt if we talk about compensation.” Fu Jiu raised her arm and leaned on him.

Qin Mo was still sitting steadily, as he pricked up his eyebrows slightly and pinched the youngster’s chin. “Put your paws down. If you dare blow into my ears, I’ll tell Auntie who thought of the plot at the shareholders’ meeting right now.”

It isn’t easy to flirt with him, not easy at all.

The Almighty evolved too quickly.

He used to look at her like looking at a bag of trash.

Once she got close to him, he wanted to pack her up and throw away.

Why was he immune now?

Fu Jiu’s voice was muttering softly into Qin Mo’s ear.

Qin Mo also did not push the youngster away, allowing him to put his hand on his shoulder.

The light breaths of the youngster lingered at the tip of his nose, and the warm breath from his talking were slipping past his ears like soft feathers…