Chapter 427 - National League, Beginning of Pursuing Dreams

Chapter 427: National League, Beginning of Pursuing Dreams

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Qin Mo involuntarily frowned.

It was unknown when his eyes suddenly cooled down.

There was nothing wrong with what the youngster said.

They were friends, nothing else.

Both of them felt the same way.

But Qin Mo suddenly felt that he did not like the tone the youngster used when talking about him as though he was only an ordinary friend.

Because at the bottom of his heart, this guy was special.

Of course, he indulged in most of the whims of this younger brother he recognized.

People were all like this.

When people regarded a person as an important person, they expected that person to give themselves the same thing, like special treatment and attention.

All the time, he believed that he had received special treatment from the youngster.

After all, the youngster always acted quite differently in front of him compared to others.

But now, Qin Mo felt that he had apparently misunderstood.

Just like Feng Yi said in the call, the youngster treated everyone very well.

That seemed to be a trait of his.

Perhaps unbeknown to him, the youngster revealed more expressions in front of Xue Yaoyao.

After all, he had seen the youngster protect Xue Yaoyao.

This awakening made Qin Mo a little disgruntled.

Even at the moment he wore a look without expression on his handsome face.

But his heart was far from calm.

It was difficult for him to accept it.

Qin Mo used his long fingers to flick his cigarette butt, causing a wisp of black hair to drop, adding a little danger to his sense of abstinence.

There was no emotion to see on his face which was shrouded in darkness.

Such a posture left one feeling desolate for a baffling reason.

The night outside the window grew darker and darker, as fog emanated through the air. Other than the lights from the city, the man’s slender figure was reflected on the floor-to-ceiling windows. He looked like a vampire noble, mysteriously recounting something…

The second day.

There was only one day left before the National League district contest.

People who didn’t play esports was unable to feel the excitement that came with it.

There were a lot of advertisements, not only on the computer, but even on the Hero mobile app. As soon as a player logged into the game, they could see the 24-hour countdown for the National League.

The battle sequence had come out.

There was a buzz on the official Weibo.

But it was quiet on Xue Yaoyao’s side.

The older generation did not understand esports at all.

In their eyes, it was just a game.

“Eh, are you going out again?” A middle-aged woman who was sitting in the courtyard picking vegetables saw Xue Yaoyao come out and curled the corners of her mouth. “Yaoyao, as you know we are family. What we said was for your own good. You should consider again. It’s right to do this this all the time, right?”

Xue Yaoyao said nothing. When wearing the team uniform of Supreme Alliance, she made the decision not to hear such words.

But the woman sighed. “It’s that attitude of yours again. You know clearly what the condition of your family is in, so don’t always daydream. I know you don’t like to hear what I say. But there’s no choice, someone has to tell you that. Your mother is newly married, and it is said that the person your mother married is quite good. I’m not sure about the specifics. But you should behave well if you have any consideration towards your mother. Maybe your mother will separate from him one day; otherwise, can she leave you alone living here? It must be because that family can’t accept you. If I had any say, your mother can flounder at such an old age, why can’t she stand the loneliness…”

“I’m the one who wants to live here.” Xue Yaoyao interrupted the woman, her round face emitting a coldness. “My mother has the right to pursue her happiness, and I also have the right to achieve my dream. I’m clear about the condition of my family, but that’s my business, not something for you to judge.”