Chapter 428 - The Change of Almighty Qin

Chapter 428: The Change of Almighty Qin

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“Hey.” The aunt was pissed upon hearing that, so she shouted, “My neighbors, come and see what kind of child she is. How can she say something like that? I’ve ignored her fatness and just tried to persuade her but she was so unreasonable. Dream? Can you call playing games a dream?”

As soon as she said it, it was immediately echoed by others and they craned their necks to see what was happening.

“The eldest daughter of the Xue family really gets worse as she grows up.”

“Exactly. Mom, she used to volunteer to help Senior Zhang in our school with his homework and ended up fantasizing that something would happen between them. As a result, the senior was scared off by her. How dare she think of others without looking at herself first? And it is the same now; she always daydreams about how good she’s at playing games. Just leave her alone. How could a person like her be successful in the future?”

Listening to the commotion from everywhere, Xue Yaoyao gripped the strap of her school bag and pulled it tightly, without looking back.

She only wanted to stick to what she adhered to, regardless of what others said.

Whether she would end up successful or not, she had to take part in the National League.

Because only when the National League was over, would no one say that she was just dreaming…


On the building of the Qin Group.

Feng Yi kept raising his arm to look at the time on his watch.

“Why hasn’t she shown up?”

It was obvious that he was a little worried.

They needed to arrive at Lin city before five o’clock in the afternoon and take part in the regional registration; otherwise, the National League Committee would deem it as an automatic disqualification.

It didn’t really matter what time it was.

It was only that the reason they didn’t make it to the national top four last year was because on the day of regional registration, Almighty Qin turned up with his fingers bleeding.

This was why Feng Yi was panicking.

Moreover, this time it was a girl that hadn’t arrived.

So Feng Yi was even more worried and paced back and forth.

The other team members were all on the commercial bus as well as Qin Mo.

But one thing was clear that everyone in the squad noticed that their Captain seemed a little different today.

But they could not figure out what the difference was immediately.

It was mainly because Xue Yaoyao’s absence today had distracted their attention.

Especially Fu Jiu’s.

She wore a pure black anti-haze mask as she looked out the window. When she saw Feng Yi raise his hand and look at the watch again, she pulled her fingers and got off the bus. She smiled and said in a bland tone, “Boss Feng, you guys go ahead. I’ll look for her and will meet up with you in Lin city after finding her. Something probably delayed her since she’s a punctual person.”

Feng Yi thought for a while and said. “Let’s wait another three minutes and we’ll make a decision only if she’s still not here. Registration requires all members to be present.” Otherwise Qin Mo wouldn’t have missed the best period for treatment previously.

Fu Jiu realized the gravity of the situation from Feng Yi’s words. With one hand in the trouser pocket, her eyes turned dark.

As for Qin Mo, who was seated in the middle of the bus, he fixed his gaze on the boy’s side profile through the window’s reflection. There wasn’t any fluctuation in his expression, as if there was nothing in his eyes.

But on a careful look, one would realize that Qin Mo’s eyes had never left the youngster ever since Fu Jiu arrived.

With eyes so deep and indifferent and a sitting posture so casual and noble, people really could not perceive his emotions…