Chapter 429 - Is He Jealous?

Chapter 429: Is He Jealous?

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Just as Qin Mo was about to rein in his attention, there was a noticeable change in the youngster’s eyes.

Such a pleasant surprise could not fool anyone. It looked as though there were fireworks exploding in his eyes.

He looked like he was in high spirits amid his handsomeness.

He watched the youngster take a step forward and help the person up.

As such, the figure of Xue Yaoyao popped into his view.

“I’m sorry. Something happened on the way.”

Xue Yaoyao’s hair was messy. Someone had deliberately tried to stop her while she was walking forward.

That middle-aged woman was quite an oddity; having insisted on preaching before she allowed her to leave.

Xue Yaoyao was in a hurry and was even short of breath. She totally didn’t realize there was a scratch on her face.

It looked like a nail scratch.

With one hand in her trouser pocket, Fu Jiu touched her face with the other hand.

Xue Yaoyao turned away due to the pain she felt.

At that moment. Fu Jiu’s eyes turned a little dark, which gave people a feeling of danger. But she didn’t do much. Instead, she said in a faint voice. “Get on the bus first.”


Xue Yaoyao felt nothing herself; as long as she made it in time.

But she didn’t know that in the eyes of Qin Mo, this scene had slowed down a lot.

Just like how he thought about it yesterday, he had always believed that he was the most special one to the youngster.

But from the looks of it…

He was not the only one who could affect the youngster’s mood.

It was like there’s something stuck in his chest which made Qin Mo close his eyes.

COCO felt it most strongly.

It seemed that the low pressure lingering around the Captain was attached to cold air.

Moreover… Was he restored to being the most favored one in Supreme Alliance?

Otherwise, how could the Captain allow him to sit next to him today?

And not sit with Spade Z?

COCO secretly examined the side profile of his Captain.

Some people were just like that.

It was obvious that they wore the same uniform.

While it was on him, girls would say. “He’s so adorable. I want to raise him at home.”

While it was on the Captain, he seemed like a noble from a comic. However, the frosty air he emitted was too chilly.

He wanted to change seats with Spade Z.

After all, Spade Z wasn’t too afraid of the Captain.

But by the time he thought about it, he had missed the best opportunity to do so.

The bus had started moving.

Fu Jiu sat with Xue Yaoyao.

“What’s wrong with the wound on your face?”

Fu Jiu glanced at the phone and her eyes were dark.

Xue Yaoyao knew that the youngster cared about her. She smiled and shook her head.

Ever since the Internet incident, Xue Yaoyao realized that Spade Z had risen to prominence too quickly, so there was bound to be extraordinary pressure on the youngster. It was not easy on him.

She didn’t want to bother him about her matters.

And it was not out of politeness since she had to learn how to take care of herself.

Only in this way could she help Highness Jiu.

Even someone as smart as Fu Jiu couldn’t understand the silly girl’s thoughts, so she said. “Okay then.”

She smiled and raised her hand to touch her soft face again. With a gentle face and pleasant voice, she said. “You can tell me anytime you want.”

In fact, the conversation between them was not loud and it was even suppressed to a very low volume.

But when Qin Mo heard it, the sound seemed to be magnified many times and even came with echoes.

Sitting next to him, COCO was still wondering how he could make a request for a seat change. When he looked over, he saw that the Captain had open his eyes and was looking at the youngster. And his eyes were so cold without any warmth…