Chapter 430 - Qin Mo Is Turning Maniacal?

Chapter 430: Qin Mo Is Turning Maniacal?

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COCO’s whole body froze.

He’d better not mention anything about the seat change.

The look in Captain’s eyes is as though he can’t wait to kill Spade Z.

How did somebody anger the Captain now?

As COCO tried to reduce his level of presence, he looked back and forth.

He didn’t even dare sleep in the end, his teeth gnawing on the rabbit’s ear.

It seems like the Captain is going to turn maniacal, so what should I do?

Actually, Qin Mo didn’t do anything.

Compared to doing whatever he liked when he first got to know the youngster, Qin Mo’s present emotions were completely different from before.

He even had an impulse to cut off his nose to spite his face.

Now that I’m not special to you, then neither are you before me…

Yet when he thought about it, he would think of the actions that the youngster did for him in Tokyo.

The great vigor of sticking up for him was pleasing to his eyes.

However, why couldn’t he be the most special one?

Qin Mo failed to realize that he had fallen into a predicament—a predicament of him realizing that there were things in this world that he couldn’t control.

Even with his eyes closed, Qin Mo could still seem to see the scene of the youngster touching the girl’s head.

Such a scene was jarring to his eyes.

Fu Jiu was also looking at the Almighty. Actually, after the embarrassment yesterday, she had been wanting to find a chance to have a nice chat with the Almighty.

But, as soon as she got on the bus, the Almighty was already seated beside COCO.

Back then, Fu Jiu had came to a halt, and cleverly realized that it was not a good time to chat.

I’ll wait until I reach the hotel…

With this in mind, she finally arrived in Lin City after a three-hour drive.

As a provincial capital, the registration point of National League regional contest allowed one to see many famous teams, as well as numerous reporters from the media which had long before deployed here.

Such a scene with the overarching banner of an esports competition and cosplayers outside made people left zeal and ardor pumping in one’s body.

It was both Xue Yaoyao’s and Feng Yi’s first time to this place. Apart from the shock, even their fingertips were a little numb.

Was this the National League?

So this was what it was like.

Games were always associated with voice actors on the Internet.

When the pleasant and deep voice sounded, Xue Yaoyao and Feng Yi felt as they they were totally immersed in the scenery of Hero like it was a dream.

“Th-that voice was…” Feng Yi stuttered. All the lines of his character was definitely recorded by that person!

Feng Yi smiled slight nearby. “Stop joking. That person was dubbed by some Almighty who has many fans. While they are still in there, take the opportunity to go in. Otherwise, if others were to notice Young Master Qin’s arrival, I will still have to take up security duties.”

Undoubtedly, the Almighty’s popularity was the highest among them.

It had nothing to do with his skills; it was completely about his looks.

Unlike Feng Yi, this was not the first time the other Supreme Alliance members were attending.

But they came with regret every time, like Lin Feng and Yun Hu.

In a sense, one’s age was important in esports.

Although they were still playing pretty well now, it was hard to tell how their performance would be next year.

Besides, every Supreme Alliance member knew clearly that the Captain could not be in the team all the time. After all, he was the Qin Group’s CEO.

This year was undoubtedly their last chance.

They absolutely could not allow it to end with regret!