Chapter 431 - Mocking

Chapter 431: Mocking

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Each battle team had its own hall in the building. Therefore, people inside were different from those outside.

Everyone looked over when Supreme Alliance walked in, but they were not looking at Supreme Alliance. They were looking at Qin Mo.

Supreme Alliance was still a strong team, but compared to the team itself, its Captain, Qin Mo, who once suppressed the Xiang Nan Team, was the most promising one.

The most valuable title of MVP was something nearly everyone wished for.

Supreme Alliance wasn’t the national champion team.

But the title of MVP was Qin Mo’s.

In fact, even Feng Yi felt deeply shocked.

When this news was announced all those years ago, disbelief was written all over his face.

How amazing had a player got to be to be considered most valuable?

The number of kills?


No just that.

Apart from having solid technique, the MVP needed to have the ability to lead.

Many people claimed that to elevate a whole team’s ability to another level, the only person capable was Qin Mo.

Therefore, as soon as he came in, many people were sizing him up and discussing amid whispers.

“See him? That’s Qin Mo, the one who has won the most number of MVP titles.”

“That was in the past, so who knows if he can do it now. Supreme Alliance didn’t even pass the selection round last year.”

“True, and after that, Qin Mo seldom showed his face in public, and he started to play unprofessional matches recently. Is it because his skills have dropped? He doesn’t dare to show himself?”

“That’s possible. It’s also possible that he hasn’t recovered from his hand injury. Regardless, this year’s MVP will be someone else, don’t forget that there’s a powerful Almighty in just a regional contest…”

As soon as they walked into the arena, they could smell the rich scent of gunpowder.

It was common in all other kinds of major tournaments.

As Supreme Alliance took their seats, the atmosphere there was heated to another level.

Even the narrator paused when he saw Qin Mo.

Soon, he resumed with his low, deep voice. “Teams that haven’t registered, please send your Captains, those who did please remain seated.”

Order was extremely critical for such an occasion.

There were more than 10 Captains in the registration line, and all of them were suppressed under Qin Mo’s shadow.

The narrator looked at the filled form in his hand, adjusted the mic, and said, “Now let’s welcome the district champion from last year, top 4 in the nation, the Yun Zhong Team, to deliver the rules for us. Please put your hands together to invite him.”

This was the procedure.

Fu Jiu was in her seat, feeling like a student hearing school leaders’ preaching on the podium.

She was playing with a cell phone in her hand, wondering how she could make conversation with the Almighty.

To her surprise, her elbow was bumped into by someone.

She could tell that person did it on purpose from the strength delivered.

Fu Jiu looked over and saw the team walking past her.

She had seen the one leading the team before. Back when she was buying a mouse for the first time, it was this person who helped Fu Ximing.

That person curled his lips, stopped there to her surprise, and said in a soft voice, “I really can’t imagine you as Spade Z. A loser trying to make a comeback?”