Chapter 433 - Provoking Supreme Alliance

Chapter 433: Provoking Supreme Alliance

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People become arrogant when at the top.

The Yun Zhong team was a good example.

After the registration, the Committee members took the forms to the top floor.

All the teams returned to their hotels to rest, so that they would be in tip-top condition for tomorrow’s contest.

However, when Supreme Alliance stood up, they found themselves face to face with the Yun Zhong team.

Encountering each other on a narrow path was inevitable.

The atmosphere in the area changed.

People from other teams had mixed thoughts when they saw this scene.

Everything quietened down.

Everyone was looking at the side profiles of Lin Xiao and Qin Mo.

Their eyes went back and forth in between the two Captain repeatedly as if they were deciding who was stronger.

One path, two teams; no one was backing away.

The only difference was that the Yun Zhong members looked a bit smugger.

The Supreme Alliance members looked no different from the usual.

Reporters looked through their camera lenses and couldn’t help murmur, “How handsome.”

Handsome, indeed.

Ignoring which team had the better techniques, Supreme Alliance won on the good looks for sure, like they were simply a camp of pretty boys.

There was no need to mention Qin Mo and Fu Jiu who were like super-idols. The regal air they emitted left mere mortals in the dust.

Then there were Lin Feng and Yun Hu, Lin Feng was known to be prettier than some girl players, and Yun Hu, who grew up in the military compound, had a tall figure which looked like a hardened spear.

Yin Wuyao held a cigarette in his mouth. He had a tall and sharp nose, making him a handsome middle-aged man.

COCO was carrying his fluffy bunny doll in his arms, and while standing next to the handsome Feng Shang, his youthfulness left middle-aged female fans screaming.

They were all in the same uniform, and was led by Qin Mo. They completely overshadowed the Yun Zhong team in terms of looks.

Also because of this… the Yun Zhong team disliked Supreme Alliance even more.

They were the regional champions, so why was Supreme Alliance more popular than they were?

This dissatisfaction became more and more obvious as the two teams walked past each other.

One tall guy said with a sneer as he passed Lin Feng, “Loser.”

Back then, Qin Mo had not been present for the match.

Yun Hu was the temporary Captain, and they didn’t get into the national grand finals because of Lin Feng’s unexpected mistake.

This has always been such a scar on Lin Feng’s heart.

The one who spoke was the one who killed Lin Feng in game.

Lin Feng slowed down.

That person and his teammates laughed out. “Angry? Don’t be so angry just yet, for you will be angrier after losing to us tomorrow.”

The laughter was filled with obvious mockery.

To have two arch rival teams encountering each other was enough to make the headlines.

Compounded with the intense situation at present, there was no way the camera would move away.

All the Supreme Alliance members came to a halt when they heard the laughter.

That tall member of the Yun Zhong team was still laughing at Lin Feng. “Practice more. I really do not want to see a situation like the other time. You were dead before I could do much. It’s really boring to win so quickly.”

Lin Feng didn’t say a word for he knew his temper; he was afraid that he would pounce onto the guy and scratch him to death if he spoke.

That player clearly knew his personality well too, but as he was about to say more…

He saw the silver-hair youngster move his long leg back. His face was beautiful but evil with eyes clear and dark, and his lips had curled into a smile…