Chapter 434 - Confession to Me

Chapter 434: Confession to Me

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“I should say the same to you. Practice your techniques, so that you don’t get team annihilated as soon as the game starts.” Fu Jiu had one hand in her pocket, throwing out a threat in a manner eternally more natural than others.

“Who are you talking about a team annihilation!?” That person reached out in a bid to yank Fu Jiu’s collar.

The silver-hair youngster was one step faster as he moved his body to the side while smiling.

As the person didn’t control his strength well, he bumped into the seat next to him. It was impossible to miss the loud din such a big guy made.

Momentarily, everyone looked over to them.

That person was quite thin-skinned, wanted to punch young man for making him lose face.

But when he turned around, he saw Qin Mo.

They were about the same height.

Qin Mo was just looking at him without doing anything.

He had the illusion that he had already been defeated.

“Wang Lei, enough.”

Lin Xiao’s voice rang next to his ears.

As the Captain, he still had a commanding presence.

He looked over to Qin Mo. “We will settle this in the game tomorrow.”

When the tall guy heard this, he turned obedient. He grunted coldly at Fu Jiu and joined his teammates.

That was the end to it.

But for some baffling reason, Lin Xiao suddenly stood in front of Fu Jiu in a second and leaned over, his face almost touching Fu Jiu’s.

“You seem different now. Why? Is this your new trick at attracting guys?”

He had said with a very soft voice, so low that nobody could hear him. It could even be described as a whisper..

This gesture… made even the Supreme Alliance people look over subconsciously.

What was happening?

Little Spade knew their Captain?

Fu Jiu did know this man in front of her; she had met him when she was buying that mouse.

But why was this guy trying to add scenes for himself?

“Speechless?” Lin Xiao laughed out as he spoke louder. Back when you confessed to me, you weren’t like this at all!”

Con… Confess!?

At that moment, everyone’s facial expressions were indescribable.

Was there something wrong with their ears?


The kind of confession that a girl would do to a boy, or a boy to a girl?

Lin Feng’s mouse widened to the point of being able to stuff an egg in it.

Xue Yaoyao was worried; the Weibo incident was still a recent memory. It was because of the possibility of Highness Jiu being be gay that resulted in all that happened.

Now, Lin Xiao had brought it up again. This was where the regional competition was being held. Many people were watching!

Any mishap would destroy Highness Jiu’s whole life.

Cameras were pointed at Fu Jiu as they expected an answer.

Honestly, Spade Z was too low key. Apart from the preliminary matches, people only saw him in games and never in person.

As the new player king of Zone C, he was the most popular player.

Even some senior professional players were incapable of creating hot topics like he did.

Therefore, as soon as Lin Xiao said that, all the reporters’ eyes brightened. Such breaking news would be second only to the opening of the match!

Everyone was waiting on the youngster’s reaction—they were either shocked or in denial, but no matter what they felt, this would no doubt become another headline!