Chapter 435 - Besides Me, How Many People Were There

Chapter 435: Besides Me, How Many People Were There

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To everyone’s surprise, the youngster just smiled and said indifferently, “The number of people I have confessed to number at least eight if not ten. So, may I ask which one were you?”

Which one were you?

Which one were you!?

Lin Xiao’s smiling face stiffened drastically.

Feng Shang nearby could not help but laugh when he saw it.

Behind Lin Xiao, Wang Lei became angry instantly. “Are you now pretending not to know our Captain. Have you forgotten how you treated him before?”

Fu Jiu glanced at him indifferently and hung up her lips with a smile. She said in an apologetic tone but with words which only stifled one in anger, “I’m sorry. I usually can not remember people who aren’t very good-looking.”

“You, you!” Wang Lei didn’t expect this man to be so shameless! He even pretended to have lost his memory and denied what he had done.

Fu Jiu didn’t feel shameless herself. She had confessed to so many people before, so how could she remember all of them?

It would be a waste of brain juice for her to think about it.

However… Why did she confess to so many people in the past?

And even Lin Xiao was among them.

If it wasn’t mentioned today, she would have forgotten.

Or it could be said that her body subconsciously didn’t wish to remember.

She didn’t know what he had done to make her body want to forget while feeling a stabbing pain in her heart.

But Z was Z after all. Since he didn’t come with good intentions, he could forget about her letting him enjoy a full retreat.

Lin Xiao laughed again after being embarrassed. He lowered his eyes. “It seems that you have more up your sleeves. You no longer know me? Heh. Then let’s see how you’ll do later. Why act straight when you are gay?”

Having said that, Lin Xiao was about to leave.

But at that moment, Qin Mo opened his mouth. But no expression could be perceived from his handsome side face except coldness and nobility. “If he was really a gay, do you think it will involve you with me around?”

Suddenly, Lin Xiao’s face stiffened once again.

This was because Qin Mo was truly better in every aspect than Lin Xiao. There was a world of difference between them.

Just as Qin Mo said, any gay with eyes would choose Qin Mo between the two.

Qin Mo was the kind who would be loved by both sexes.

Therefore, Lin Xiao’s current actions did appear rather awkward.

Qin Mo and Fu Jiu were an official couple.

Who would give up a man like Qin Mo to choose another?

People were not blind.

But according to Almighty Qin, Spade Z apparently had no interest even in him, so what’s more others.

Did that mean that Spade Z was not gay?

And the news on the Internet was dissing him. Was it the case?

It had to say that Qin Mo’s reply spoke volumes, which not only smacked Lin Xiao in the face, but also helped eliminate Spade Z’s bad reputation all this while.

When members of other teams looked at the youngster again, there was no more inquisitive gaze. And certainly, reporters didn’t dare to write mindlessly.

Lin Xiao sneered and left the venue with the Yun Zhong team. Before leaving, he stole a glance at Fu Jiu again.

People who were familiar with Fu Jiu knew such a look meant that the youngster had made a confession to him before. And that was why Qin Mo turned his eyes to the youngster.

“How many?” Qin Mo asked in a very light voice.

Fu Jiu didn’t even realize that the Almighty was asking her. Only when she realized that he was asking her, did she ask, “What?”

“The confession. Besides me, how many people were there?”