Chapter 436 - Almighty Qin, Makes Admit

Chapter 436: Almighty Qin, Makes Admit

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Fu Jiu felt a jolt down her back, having not expected the Almighty to ask such a question.

Worst of all, why wasn’t the Almighty considering the venue they were in to ask such a question?

Although the members of Yun Zhong Team and reporters had left, and there were only the members of Supreme Alliance around… to tell him based on her memories that she had a crush on anyone with a bit of good looks was a little…


Very obviously, Qin Mo didn’t want the youngster to evade the question. He pricked up his brows with his nobilistic look.

Fu Jiu touched the bridge of her nose and said vaguely, “Not many.”

“How many is not many?”

Fu Jiu said nothing.

Lin Feng enjoyed such spectacles and began pressing, “You mentioned at least eight if not ten. So does that mean nine?”

Fu Jiu still said nothing.

Lin Feng laughed. “Oh my god, more? More than ten?”

Fu Jiu shot a glance at him which meant for him to shut up immediately.

Lin Feng said in shock, “Don’t tell me there were more than twenty?”

Every increase in the number made Qin Mo’s side profile turn colder.

Realizing that there was no way to redeem the situation, she simply admitted, “Who hasn’t been young before? Didn’t you also confess to others?”

She was asking Lin Feng.

At this time, Lin Feng straightened up, beat his chest. “How could that be the same? The ones I confessed to were all girls. But you, Ling Xiao, oh my god, how could you have a crush on him?”

“How would I know?” This was the true reaction of Fu Jiu, and she really did not know why Fu Jiu in the past would have a crush on Ling Xiao.

Lin Feng pointed at the youngster and laughed. “Shy, you must be shy.”

Fu Jiu:”…” Damn it, I was not shy. Can’t you see how black the Almighty’s face is? Can we switch topics?

Lin Feng was obviously not aware of this, and stroked his chin. “Hey, with you acting this way,, will you be showing mercy at the competition tomorrow?”

“No worries. I’ll kill him.” In order not to stop the Almighty from exuding his cold aurac, Fu Jiu used harsh words.

Unexpectedly Lin Feng shook his head and sighed, acting like he was experienced in such matters. “Your love has turned to hate. I understand. I understand it all.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Someone, please pull him away!

Along the way, the topic remained trained on Fu Jiu.

The people from Supreme Alliance were all rather extraordinary people.

When such a thing happened, they surprisingly showed no concern over why Fu Jiu would confess to men.


“Little Spade.”


“We have always wanted to ask you. It’s nothing if you make a confession to others, but why do you have the courage to do it to Captain?”

Upon hearing that question, Fu Jiu subconsciously looked at the tall and straight figure walking in front of her.

It was only yesterday when an embarrassing situation happened in the Fu Family.

And it was happening again…

Fu Jiu felt that she needed to explain. “It’s a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding?” Lin Feng pricked his eyebrows. “Do you mean you haven’t confessed to the Captain?”

Fu Jiu looked at the person up ahead again. “I have, but only a form of admiration. Admiration, do you understand?”

Lin Feng gave an enlightened “oh”.

Others also revealed the expression of “I see.”

However, the person involved in this matter who was walking ahead stopped in his tracks, turned his body, and looked at the youngster. “What kind of admiration makes you want to sleep with me? Huh?”