Chapter 437 - Qin Mo Is Pissed

Chapter 437: Qin Mo Is Pissed

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All of a sudden, every member of the Supreme Alliance paused!

It wasn’t only players like Lin Feng, but even Yin Wuyao who had a cigarette in his mouth.



Unconsciously, everyone turned their gaze onto Fu Jiu in the next second.

Fu Jiu began choking upon facing the Almighty’s rhetorical question.

But the Almighty added something unhurriedly, “That includes wanting to be my sugar daddy, taking off my clothes, and looking at my abdominal muscles? Are all of that considered admiration?”

Upon hearing that, the way everyone looked at Fu Jiu elevated!

Uncle Yin Wuyao had a look that seemed to say: I never expected Little Captain to be someone so debaucherous. You really can’t judge a book by its cover.

The gaze of the other members turned deeper.

The way they looked at her was as though they were looking at a sex deviant? .

Yet the Almighty who threw such a big bomb continued walking ahead with tall figure.

Actually it was not his usual style.

But… more than twenty confession targets.

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes. If such actions were not met with disciplinary measure, it was hard to say if there would be another person appearing out of the blue to divert the attention of others’.

He originally believed that the youngster had only done those things and said those words to him.

Now on second thought, how many people did he say those words to in the past?

In the past, he didn’t care what kind of person Fu Jiu was.

Even when Fu Jiu had said he liked him in the canteen, and wanted to be his sugar daddy, as though he was swimming in money, Qin Mo felt it was none of his business.

But it was now different.

As soon as Qin Mo thought the youngster had done the same thing to someone else without his knowledge, he felt pissed.

Did that mean he was not the special one?

Fu Jiu didn’t know what was on Qin Mo’s mind. After all, she found it impossible to claim her innocence the moment the Almighty turned around.

As expected, Lin Feng came along, patted her on the shoulder and shook his head. “It was really tough on you. You must have been suffering facing the Captain everyday, right? I understand. I understand it all. I also do this for the girls I like too. You know, I like them but I have no courage to admit. Yet you are braver than me. You dare to confess your love to the Captain. There’s just one point, which we’ve talked about before. The Captain really didn’t like boys, so Little Spade, you’d better give up earlier. Well, in order not to make you sad, don’t share the same room tonight with the Captain. The endurance of men when it comes to such things is quite lacking. If you take it too hard and did something to the Captain, he will beat you. Then what about the competition tomorrow?” Saying this, Lin Feng had already turned his head to shout at Qin Mo, “Captain, Little Spade will sleep with me tonight.”

After Qin Mo heard the sentence, his footsteps came to a stop. Then came the indifferent word: “Whatever.”

Was that his illusion?

Why was Lin Feng feeling that the Captain was even unhappier than before?

Besides, it was like he was angry with someone.

Lin Feng lifted his head again and looked at the back of Qin Mo. Well, his back was still handsome and cool. He had definitely overthought things.

The thoughtless Lin Feng reached out arm and placed them over Fu Jiu’s shoulder. “You should thank me first. It is not good for men to bear for too long. I am saving you from trouble. It’s not easy to sleep with the Captain, and you’ll… feel uncomfortable.”

Fu Jiu turned his eyes and had a look at him, and said with a slow voice. “You are right. It is not good to bear for too long. Aren’t you afraid that I can’t hold back and sleep with you as a second choice because I can’t sleep with Brother Mo?”

Lin Feng paused for a moment. Silence…

After a while, he said, “Little Spade, make it clear to me, what do you mean second choice?”

“It’s because of Brother Mo that I want to look at abdominal muscles. As for you…” Fu Jiu smiled. “Do you have abdominal muscles?”

Holy shit! A critical blow, an absolute, critical blow!

Everyone knew that Lin Feng was only beautiful, but wasn’t handsome.

Fu Jiu shook her head and continued, “But, it is safe to sleep with you. There’s no need to endure if there’s no lust. So be happy.”

Lin Feng: “…” How could such a reason make him happy? What was the meaning of it being safe to sleep with me? Was he so unattractive? He used to be chased by boys as well!

Wait a moment, this isn’t something to be proud of.

Fu*k. How should I reply to show my masculinity?

Obviously, Fu Jiu didn’t give him a chance to counterattack. She left after saying those words.

Lin Feng pointed at the back of the youngster and looked towards Yun Hu.

But, this time Yun Hu turned his back on him. Instead, he just walked ahead, passing him by.

“Hey, what happened?” Lin Feng had never been treated like this before.

Somebody said, “Brother Lin, you always slept with Brother Yun in the past. To suddenly say you would be sleeping with Little Spade today. That’s… not very nice, right?”

Lin Feng opened his mouth, wanting to refute. But on second thought, he was rendered speechless. In the past, he did sleep with Yun Hu together any time they had such activities after they entered Supreme Alliance since they were from the same school.

But the words had already been said.

Could they be retracted?

Fu Jiu also agreed. After all, she was unsure if the Almighty would discover her secret in such a situation.

If it was possible, it was better not to sleep together.

With the Almighty’s present mood, he would definitely be pissed if he learned that she was a girl.

Besides, he had made it clear that he disliked being cheated.

So when it came to the room distribution that day, Lin Feng and Fu Jiu were allocated the same room.

Yun Hu and Qin Mo took the same lift, but they looked at each other indifferently when they walked to the door.

In the end, Yun Hu frowned and said softly, “I originally thought that he was making a passing remark.” He never expected Lin Feng to not sleep with him. It really went beyond Yun Hu’s expectations.

Qin Mo’s side profile was still as handsome as before, but his eyes were a lot colder.

“Captain?” Yun Hu looked at Qin Mo turning away, unsure as to what he wanted to do.

Qin Mo’s expression was very dull. “You sleep here.”

Yun Hu wanted to ask the Captain where he would go, but on second thought, it would be… quite odd if he and the Captain slept in the same room.

Was this supposed to be what people often said—people who were too aggressive would repel each other?

Yun Hu lowered his head to look at the room card he held.

He knew clearly his feelings for that person.

Since he was born, it had never changed.

But now, he was a little confused.

He wished to be with Lin Feng because it was always what he believed.

Then why was the Captain wanting to share a room with Little Spade?

Yun Hu lifted his eyes and had a look at the tall figure at the end of the corridor.

It was unlikely what he thought; after all, the Captain was so straight.

But sometimes, was it useful being straight?

Yun Hu thought of himself again and could not help but laugh ruefully. If it was useful, he would not have become what he was today…