Chapter 438 - When Did You Become Gay?

Chapter 438: When Did You Become Gay?

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The night came so fast that the dense fog outside the window rose up before one could realize it.

It was very cold outside.

Besides Manager Feng, who had a social engagement in Lin city, the other members of Supreme Alliance all stayed at the hotel and rested for the competition tomorrow.

Fu Jiu was thinking about to resolving the awkwardness between her and the Almighty. However, when she went to his room, Yun Hu was alone there.

When Yun Hu opened the door to see Fu Jiu there, he thought nothing of it. “Are you looking for the Captain?”

“Yes.” Fu Jiu didn’t deny it.

Yun Hu wiped his hair. “He’s not here. He got another room for himself and probably only he himself knows the room number.”

Then it would be difficult to find him. After all, the hotel was so big.

Fu Jiu lowered her eyes and thought that she could use a computer to break into the security system of the hotel. But if she did so and the Almighty also noticed something, she would have to explain again.

Forget it. She planned to wait until the competition was over tomorrow.

With this in mind, Fu Jiu prepared to leave.

Unexpectedly, when she was about to leave, Yun Hu opened his mouth. “You sleep in my room.”

Upon hearing that, Fu Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked at Yun Hu’s eyes in a thoughtful manner.

Yun Hu was frank and he laughed. “I don’t want that guy to sleep with anyone else except me.”

Fu Jiu hooked up her lips. “I see. But it seems that he didn’t know what’s on your mind.”

“Then it will be easier for me to do something.” With this, Yun Hu looked at the youngster before him again. “When did you become gay?” Fu Jiu really wanted to say that she wasn’t gay.

But Yun Hu added. “I’ve seen your confession before.”

How was Fu Jiu supposed to react? She could only smile and say. “You can regard it as one of my hobbies.”

“Hobby?” Yun Hu looked deeply at Fu Jiu after he packed up his things. “If it’s a hobby, it also depends on who the person is. It’s better not to confess to some people randomly. However, I admire you very much. You are unafraid of expressing your feelings in front of so many people even if the person is also a man.”

Fu Jiu: “…” She really didn’t want to accept such compliment.

“Who is the man you’re talking about?” She needed to recall the man whom she had confessed to.

Yun Hu frowned. “He’s the one you met today. It seems like you liked him very much at that time. Don’t you remember?”

Fu Jiu chuckled. “Not at all.”

Yun Hu paused. “That’s good.”

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrows. Apparently, she really had an affair with that Lin Xiao in the past according to Yun Hu?

“He was just fooling with you. People nearby all can tell. He just wanted you to buy things for him since you have so much money to burn.” At this point, Yun Hu added. “But I find it strange that you seem different from before…”

At this point, Fu Jiu decided to stop him. “I’ve been to the hospital once. And my brain was hit. My mind became clear after I recovered. So things I did before was due to a brain problem.”

Yun Hu nodded. “It’s good you know” was written over his face.

Fu Jiu: “…” He really didn’t hide it!

“Moreover.” Yun Hu stopped and stood there, slim and graceful. “Don’t tell that guy. I don’t want him to know that I’m gay like you. It’s not the right time yet. He isn’t as tough as the Captain who can deal with any unexpected events. Lin Feng is different; he will be scared off.”

Fu Jiu was very eager to tell him that she was really not a gay like him. But it seemed that Yun Hu wouldn’t believe it anyway.

With the sequence of events today, she was definitely gay in the eyes of her team members…