Chapter 439 - Qin Mo's Feeling

Chapter 439: Qin Mo’s Feeling

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However, after talking with Yun Hu, Fu Jiu was more certain about one thing.

She could no longer launch Internet attacks under the Almighty’s nose again.

She had yet been exposed simply because the Almighty hadn’t paid her any attention in the past.

Even Yun Hu, who did not like to talk and only saw Lin Feng in his eyes, could tell that she was different from before.

The Almighty must have noticed…

Fu Jiu kept her eyes down, no longer using her abilities to check on the Almighty’s registration information.

It’s sleep time then.

Fu Jiu told herself this.

The Almighty was likely only angry because she had confessed to their opponent.

When she thrashed that guy Ling Xiao tomorrow, she would be able to prove her innocence.

At the very least, she could tell them that she wasn’t gay…

Being in the same north, there was no less haze in Lin City than in Jiang City.

Standing in his own reserved room, Qin Mo reached out to yank his collar.

When he picked up his wine glass and looked down at the steady stream of traffic under his feet, it was the first time he realized that a room with ground-to-ceiling windows was so empty.

The room was so empty that he felt bored.


He had never had this feeling before.

But now he just felt like it was pointless to do anything.

Probably because there was no youngster who deserved a lesson by his side.

Qin Mo turned his head to light a cigarette, but he simply held it between his fingers and didn’t begin smoking.

Anyone who saw his present appearance would feel his masculine dominance.

However, with his hair down, the way he stared out the window without moving his fingers exuded an indescribable sexiness but lonely feeling.

Qin Mo reached out his hand and flicked the cigarette away.

He walked to the bed, casually touched the mask always in his pants pocket and his gaze froze.

The mask wasn’t anything special.

It was very normal, pure black, and without any patterns.

But that touch, still gave Qin Mo a little warmth in his cold eyes.

That guy was not a man completely without a conscience.

Despite looking lazy, the way he cared for others left them very comfortable.

And when he was depressed, he would bow his head and a few strands of gray hair would stand on their ends without him even realizing it..

That guy… When Qin Mo found the youngster’s face repeatedly surfacing in his mind, his heart suddenly numbed and that feeling turned very mild.

Even when the phone rang, the feeling was so mild that quickly ignored it.

The Caller ID number on the screen was familiar.

Qin Mo placed the phone to his ear. “Hello.”

“My son!” The person on the other end of the call seemed to be in a good mood. “Are you participating in the competition tomorrow? What about it? Do you need me to pull in the crowds for you?”

Qin Mo turned his body and lay in bed. “No need.”

The two ordinary words left the person on the line pausing. According to her son’s character, he would definitely ask ‘where’s Mr. Qin? He needs to put you in place. Do not come out casually to invite reporters on yourself.’

But today… he just said one sentence “no need” quietly?

The elegant movie queen paused for a moment, gestured for the person behind her to pause. She then went to the makeup mirror carrying a long skirt in one hand. “My son, what’s wrong with you today? Why your voice is so low?”

“Nothing.” Qin Mo said the word and just wanted to hang up.

The movie queen had already sensed something as she immediately stopped him. “You won’t be able to sleep with you being in such a low mood, right? Why is it so quiet in your side? Where is the pillow you mentioned? The one that accompanies you in your sleep?”