Chapter 44 - Taken to the Men’s Room by Almighty Qin

Chapter 44: Taken to the Men’s Room by Almighty Qin

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If she went to the women’s room, people would think that she was a pervert.

If she went to the men’s room… There was no privacy there.

Unless it was a squatting toilet…

Fu Jiu pushed her hair back with her hand, and her beautiful eyebrows furrowed as she frowned.

Okay, it’s decided. She would go to the one that had nobody inside!

In order to let herself not seem too perverted, Fu Jiu put a smile on her face, and with one hand on her belt, stood elegantly near the door.

A girl came out from the restroom and saw an energetic and pretty young man. When she raised her head, she blushed instantly.

This guy… this guy was so handsome.

But it was just so weird. Why was he standing outside the restroom?

That girl looked at Fu Jiu suspiciously.

Fu Jiu curled her mouth into a smile and pointed at the sink casually. “The tap is broken and there’s no water.”

“Mm, ah, that, let me see.” That girl lowered her head shyly. She didn’t know what to do now that the pretty young man was hitting on her! Should she be gentler or wilder?

That girl suppressed the excitement that was bubbling up inside of her and reached her hand out as she said in a low voice, “It’s fine, it should be a sensor tap. Just put your hands under and the water will come out.”

“So it works like this.” Fu Jiu acted like she was enlightened. Then she turned her head naturally and smiled at the girl. “Thanks.”

“You’re, you’re… welcome…” His skin looked even better from up close, and his eyelashes were so long, oh my goodness. She couldn’t breathe. How was it possible for such a beautiful human being to exist in this world? That girl’s heart was jumping out of her chest. And just as she wanted to ask for his WeChat—

All of a sudden, a long, pale arm extended between the two of them and dragged the pretty young man away by his collar!

The girl was shocked. What was happening?

Fu Jiu was also stunned, and she subconsciously looked up at the person dragging her away.

The man was standing with his back against the light.

It was Qin Mo.

He wore a black suit, and his collar was half open. That beautiful face looked like a face with mixed heritage. It exuded an extraordinary temperament—one that was restrained, low-key, and dangerous.

Now, he was grabbing onto her with one hand, and the other hand was in his trouser pocket. He stared at her with his deep, profound eyes.

Fu Jiu smiled calmly. “Almighty Qin, what a coincidence. You want to use the restroom as well?”

“What else? Watch you hit on girls?” Qin Mo slowly returned with a question. He overheard part of the conversation just now, and the corner of his mouth still had a hint of coldness. “The tap is broken? God, how can you come up with such a clumsy pickup line?”

This punk was flirting nonstop, even in the restroom.

Did he love flirting with people this much?

“What can I do, that water tap is the only thing here.” Fu Jiu was not embarrassed at all. She looked towards the shocked girl to the side and winked with her left eye. Her pair of cherry blossom eyes was extremely appealing.

The girl covered her mouth and looked at these two very excitedly. “Qin, Almighty Qin!”

Fu Jiu tapped on her thin lips with her fingertip, harrumphed deviously, and said, “Almighty Qin, so she is actually your fan…”

This time, Qin Mo didn’t let Fu Jiu finish as he used some strength and dragged her by the back of her collar into the men’s room like a little kitten.

Fu Jiu’s lips couldn’t help but purse. Why did this man love dragging her around like this? When she entered the hotel, he was like this, and he was still doing the same now. Furthermore, he had a face full of resentment…