Chapter 440 - Qin Mo's Pillow

Chapter 440: Qin Mo’s Pillow

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When Qin Mo heard that, the fingers which were about to hang up the phone paused.

Finally, he still didn’t say anything, and only replied one sentence in an emotionless tone, “Not here.”

Then he swiped on the screen and closed his eyes.

He was kind of low, for the other party didn’t treat him as someone special.

As soon as he thought about this, he felt a huge gap crack up in his chest.

Inexplicable bitterness.

Qin Mo never felt anything like this in his whole life.

Perhaps he was bestowed with too much.

He felt like this when things didn’t develop in the way he felt they should.

As he was thinking, Qin Mo looked at his phone’s WeChat out of habit for some inexplicable reason unknown to him.

That reminded him of the days when he banned the youngster from all electronic devices, and how he looked like a withered little tiger.

Now checking WeChat seemed to be less fun without the youngster next to him.

But there were indeed message notifications on the screen.

They were nothing important.

Suffering from insomnia, Qin Mo looked to his side as if he was searching for something to do. Finally, he opened the mobile version of Hero and logged in.

Many people played Hero with their WeChat accounts. Many profile pictures were lit, indicating that they were online. Only Spade Z’s was dimmed.

It looks someone knows how to behave.

But, what is that guy doing now?

He wouldn’t go to bed this early…

When he realized that he was thinking about the youngster again, Qin Mo knitted his eyebrows heavily.

Meanwhile, the elegant movie queen put her beautiful fingers to her lips as she saw the phone hang up on her. Her movement was extremely beautiful, especially when she turned her head to mutter to herself. “Old Li, why do you I have a nagging feeling that there’s some grievance in my son’s voice. Am I overthinking things?”

“Madam, it’s unlikely that the Young Master would have any grievances against someone.” Manager Li, who had stayed to take care of the movie queen, for his boss always gave perfect answers.

The movie queen nodded in agreement when she heard that.

She knew her son well, and he was still the same when facing her.

But, what was that momentary heaviness in his voice?

The movie queen couldn’t figure it out.

She simply made a decision. “I’m flying back tomorrow to cheer for my son.”

Manager Li paused. “Madam, Young Master always depends on his talent. If you wish to help him, you should know that it’s better to stay in Milan. After all, you still have a runway show to do the day after tomorrow, and Boss has booked the flight ticket here. If it’s for other reasons…”

“Alright, I just wanted to see who his pillow is,” the elegant movie queen said frankly. “You aren’t aware of how your Young Master’s tone was. He’s obviously unhappy without his pillow. I still know my son!”

Manager Li didn’t know what kind of pillow would make his Young Master unhappy.

But according to the Madam, the pillow is apparently… a person?

“Okay, go book the tickets. Perhaps, I can watch his match tomorrow. I have played a few rounds of Hero recently, and I’ll be playing another round in a bit. There’s an Almighty player carrying me!”

When Manager Li heard that, he thought, ‘Madam, Young Master is the greatest Almighty of all the Almighties. Who’s carrying you? Does Boss know?’

The movie queen suddenly thought of something when she said that. She swiped her phone and showed him the screen. “Look, he’s the one. Spade Z, but he doesn’t add me on WeChat. I heard that he plays for the Qin Group’s club, I can go have a gay meeting[ friends meet for the first time, mainly between guys.] with him!”

Manager Li: “…”