Chapter 441 - Z Might Not Exist Anymore

Chapter 441: Z Might Not Exist Anymore

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Manager Li, who was always traveling to deal with business, only had one thing he wanted to say, ‘Madam, does Boss know about you playing this game? And you sure Boss will be play with you finding some Almighty to carry you?’

But a professional like Manager Li wouldn’t say such things aloud. He only made a phone call to his Boss and informed him before booking the ticket back to China.

However, on the very day.

On Fifth Avenue.

At what seemed like a normal newspaper stand, with historical architecture style, people walked past it like they were attending a masquerade party.

A slim man wearing a black feather mask walked to the newspaper stand alone while others were partying wildly.

Nobody thought that this newspaper stand has a secret door.

Entry led to quiet small bar.

People in the bar didn’t seem inclined to expose their identities. The light was perfectly dimmed to create a certain mystery.

That man took his mask off and revealed his beautiful Asian face. F*ck.

Who else was this but Hoshino?

He walked to the bar counter and rapped at the bartop.

The bartender who was shaking the containers instantly pushed him a file. “This is the list of recent hacker attacks. Take a look.”

Hoshino opened the file and read the whole thing, but there was no trace of Z.

That bartender didn’t say more except: “Same price, same rules.”

Hoshino heard that and signed a check, left it on the counter.

That bartender took it away and thanked him for coming.

But Hoshino was different from when he first walked in.

His eyes had darkened.

Even though he had worn the mask again, the mask failed to conceal how disappointed he was.

No news of Z.

Not even a bit.

Having heard this answer, he didn’t even know how he walked out of the bar.

How could Hoshino not understand that all the signs implied the nonexistence of Z.

He just didn’t want to admit.

How could he? That the person was gone?

Hoshino drooped his eyelids as though his heart had been stolen from him. He didn’t even notice it when people bumped into him.

When he was back on the street, the noisy crowd was still there.

Hoshino’s appearance was eye-catching and it was quite normal for some pretty lady to hit on him.

That lady saw that this man in front had lost all of his mood and wasn’t hearing a thing she said.

The indescribable sorrow left the lady shocked, who could not help but ask him in English, “Hey, Handsome, your phone keeps ringing, you sure it’s okay not to pick up?”

That jolted Hoshino to his senses. He cleared his voice and thanked her, picked up the phone like a robot.

It was from his teammate and the call was regarding the competition and some recent news regarding the esports industry.

When he heard about the recent rumor online.

Hoshino stopped himself from hanging up, his eyes lightened up like he was rejuvenated. He exuded a blinding glow. “Are you telling me that all the Weibo VIP accounts posted the same news at the same time?”

“That’s right, even my account sent one by itself. However, I didn’t delete since it was true.”