Chapter 442 - Winning Is The Only Acceptable Outcome

Chapter 442: Winning Is The Only Acceptable Outcome

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The same posts were sent out at the same time automatically, and accounts holders weren’t operating it.

Hoshino was sure that it was done by a hacker.

But why would such thing happened in the esports industry?

“Where did this happen?” Hoshino went straight to the point. “Tokyo?”

That person shook his head. “No, in China. Things were quite heated over there recently. Do you still remember that most valuable player who once played with you, right? His hand injury has apparently recovered, and he is now leading his team in China’s regional competition. Speaking of which, when are you returning. We have already scheduled to visit China next month, to watch their National League. Don’t tell me you are not going to be absent this time again…”

“I’ll be there.” Hoshino smiled, he looked at the ecstatic crowd and said words with deep underlying significance, “I’ll head there first. We can meet up in China.”

“What? Wait, Ho…”

Before the person could finish, Hoshino hung up. He still had that majestic black feather mask on, but the aura he exuded was much milder.

Even though he wasn’t sure, he still wanted to check it out.

There weren’t many hacker incidents in China.

What if it was Z?

It was because of this fleeting anticipation that allowed him to persist up till now, wasn’t it?

Fifth Avenue at night was another world compared to Lin City.

There was no fog along the clean retro streets lined with European-styled architecture.

But fog and smog were signatures of Lin City, along with a coldness unique to the north.

The competition was coming up.

No one fell asleep quickly.

When they woke up the next day, even Lin Feng was telling himself that this time they had to get into the finals of the National League..

The reason why he liked playing games was not only because of esports itself, but also for the people who were with him.

After all of them retired from the business, they would never fight for the same purpose without any scruples in such a manner again.

Therefore, he couldn’t leave any regrets.

He did not wish for the people around him to see him fail like last year.

It didn’t look handsome at all if that happened.

Lin Feng lifted his thin lips and hooked his bag up, threw it on Yun Hu’s shoulders, and walked out of the hotel.

These two was called a couple for good reason.

They grew up together.

The Yun Family had wanted to send Yun Hu overseas for further studies several times.

This battle, was really their last chance to fight side by side.

So, winning was the only the only acceptable outcome!

Fu Jiu was the most relaxed one. The gorgeous youngster stood under the light in his uniform, thin lips were exuding a faint glow.

When Qin Mo opened the door to the room, that was what he saw.

Anyone would have their anger alleviated if they saw someone this refreshing.

Qin Mo was the same. He didn’t ask the youngster how he managed to find his room.

Two of them walked together naturally until they met up with all the team members.

At times, due to the prolonged anticipation and hard work during the entire period, people could not curb the release of their emotions when the day finally arrived.

They weren’t in the mood for breakfast, but they ate a lot.

It was unknown if their hearts were beating at the same frequency.

They stood in a row in the same uniforms.

After Qin Mo said, “Let’s go,” their ardent zeal ignited each and every member, causing them to glow.

The presence they had was as though they were telling the world: National League, here we come!