Chapter 443 - Supreme Alliance Is Nothing

Chapter 443: Supreme Alliance Is Nothing

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It was a curiosity if it was fated if enemies would meet, but the Supreme Alliance’s opponent for the first match was the Yun Zhong team.

And this was considered Yun Zhong’s homeground.

After all, they were in Lin City.

This match was different from the one in Tokyo.

That was a friendly match since it was an exchange between countries.

However, today’s match was a real esports competition.

All the major online platforms were streaming it live, such as Douyu, and Zhanqi, etc.

One should never underestimate the influence of Hero, for even celebrities loved to play it.

Therefore, even a small regional competition attracted intense media attention.

And of course, teams which came knew this as well.

There was another reason why so many reporters came—the fourth best team in the nation, the Yun Zhong team and the highly popular Supreme Alliance were present.

It was no wonder the former hated the latter.

Some people kept feeling that Supreme Alliance could gain such media exposure only because of their good looks.

What did they do to deserve getting more screen time?

And some arrogant players in Yun Zhong believed that Qin Mo was never as good as he was described; it was all thanks to Feng Yi’s advertising.

If he was just a normal person like they were, there wouldn’t be so many people saying that he was the most valuable player in the past ten years.

As a regional team and the fourth best team in the nation, be it the number of fans or administration support the Yun Zhong team had, both were astounding.

The match was divided into the 1v1, 2v2 and 5v5 parts.

Each player could only compete in one round.

Rules dictated that players were changed during the second round.

First, was the 1v1 match.

The online streaming started as soon as the shoutcasters were in position.

“As you can see, players from both sides are in their positions. The entire competition will last not more than two hours. Fangirls and boys, you are in for a ride. Yes, Old Jiang, you have been in the esports industry for many years, so which team do you think would win?”

Esport matches usually had two shoutcasters in order to heat up the atmosphere.

“Is there a need to ask? Of course, it’s Yun Zhong.” That shoutcaster fixed his earphones and said with great certainty. “Surely, we all know how great Qin Mo is. He is absolutely a player at the Almighty level. Nobody can win him in a 1v1 match, but you can’t deny that he has rested for a year to recover from his injuries. To an esports competitor, a lack of practice would definitely affect a player’s hand speed. Qin Mo is no longer at his peak, not to mention no matter how great he is, he can only compete in one round, what about the other two rounds? You have to understand that Yun Zhong team has elevated itself to a brand-new level compared to last year. Furthermore, Supreme Alliance had already lost to them last year, which is why they didn’t enter the finals. That’s why I’m definitely on Yun Zhong’s side. Of course, this is only my personal opinion. Supreme fans, please don’t diss me.”

It was obvious that this shoutcaster was biased

The atmosphere turned awkward after his speech.

But streaming platforms didn’t care about these, they only cared about viewer numbers and topic ratings.

That was why they hired this shoutcaster.

After all, he had openly predicted on his Weibo account that although Supreme Alliance was good, it was nothing in the nation…