Chapter 444 - Fu Jiu Enters The Stage

Chapter 444: Fu Jiu Enters The Stage

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The other shoutcaster was at a loss how to carry on the conversation since he didn’t have an opinion on either team. Therefore, he could only switch the topic. “The Supreme Alliance members are here! Each one of them are indeed handsome!”

“Indeed, but esports isn’t a competition for looks.” The shoutcaster, Old Jiang laughed with a contemptuous tone.

Even his partner could tell that, not to mention the Supreme Alliance members.

Sitting at the far right, Fu Jiu tilted her head with a lollipop in her mouth. She looked towards the shoutcasters, a smile suffusing her face for some reason.

The moment she smiled, it sent countless fangirls into a frenzy!

“Spade! AHH! My Great Spade!”

Never estimate the lungs of these young girls for with this shout, the entire arena seemed to be overturned.

“Old Jiang, look at the atmosphere. They are not just handsome.”

“I would say, let’s watch the competition first. The way girls who do not play Hero act is of zero use.”

“Old Jiang, don’t you know Spade Z? He’s the new player king of Zone C, holding a 99 First Clear record.”

“Old Zhang, how can you be so superficial like all the youngsters. No matter how amazing he is, he still started out as a non-professional and he was never trained professionally. You can’t be so certain.”

“So based on what you are saying, it’s impossible for Supreme Alliance to win?”

“I told you from the beginning that I believe Yun Zhong will win. If I were to make a prediction, Yun Zhong will win two rounds and Supreme Alliance only has a chance of winning one round, and the only win will be the 1v1. After all, Qin Mo is around.”

“You are saying that Supreme Alliance will send Qin Mo for the first round?”

“What else? This is their only chance to win in a 1v1. During the team match, even Qin Mo, Yun Hu, and even with Lin Feng, they are still no match for Yun Zhong. Due to the rule of being able to participate one round per person, it’s most suitable that Qin Mo plays the first round.”

“Old Jiang, did you forget about the Almighty known as North of the Yin Mountain which Supreme Alliance recruited?”

“An outdated Almighty. Old Zhang, Yin Wuyao is old now. He is indeed experienced but in recent years, who knows if he has gotten worse over the past few years…”

“Wait! Player names for the 1v1 match are out!”

“There’s no rush. It’s definitely Qin…”

Before Old Jiang could finish his sentence, the game IDs which showed up on the screen almost made him choke.

Spade Z vs Lin Xiao!

Supreme Alliance didn’t send Qin Mo, but Fu Jiu!

To think Old Jiang was making his predictions with such certainty.

Yet now, he was completely froze. This face slap was… indeed embarrassing.

Old Zhang, who was sitting next to him, could not help but laugh when he saw the look on his face. “It looks like Old Jiang has made a wrong prediction.”

Old Jiang was quite thick-skinned as he laughed it off quickly. “It’s true I didn’t expect such a lineup. It can only mean that Supreme Alliance is giving up on themselves. They stood a chance of winning at least one round to save their reputation, but to use Spade Z against Lin Xiao, this is definite loss. We all know what kind of player Lin Xiao is, a top ranking player in the whole nation. As for Spade Z, like I said, I have nothing to say about him, having not seen him play in professional matches.”