Chapter 445 - Don't Let Your Hands Tremble

Chapter 445: Don’t Let Your Hands Tremble

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The voice of the shoutcaster was transmitted through a microphone.

That was to say Fu Jiu could hear this sentence before he wore his headphones.

She turned her head to the other side again.

Her silver hair flowed down, as she gave a mischievous and handsome smile, the smile a vampire wore before he sucked blood, which was dangerous and unpredictable.

But someone else said, “Spade Z doesn’t seem that great. He’s just letting the shoutcaster said such things?”

“Let’s see. Though I think Spade Z is good, Lin Xiao’s maneuvering is obvious to all. It is hard to say who will win this contest.”

Even the fans of Spade felt their hearts in their mouths when they saw the battle roll.

They wouldn’t be so worried if Big Spade fought against someone else.

The main reason was that this was the first round of the National League.

And it was a 1v1. Why did Supreme Alliance assign Big Spade to fight against Lin Xiao? After all, Lin Xiao was truly very skillful

Why did the wise Feng Yi make such a decision?

Automatically, all the fans looked towards Feng Yi.

Actually, it was not only the fans, but even the members of the Supreme Alliance were also looking at Feng Yi.

Feng Shang pointed away from him, making them look towards the participant stands where the Almighty was.

When they saw it was Qin Mo, their murderous look weakened drastically.

Did that mean it was Qin Mo who wanted Big Spade to play this round?

So the battle order was decided by Qin Mo?


Lin Feng also wanted to ask the same question. “Captain, it’s not a good idea to get Little Spade to fight Lin Xiao alone, right? After all, it’s his first time playing a professional game.” What if he lost?

With his uniform’s jacket draped over his tall, straight back, Qin Mo glanced at Lin Feng while wearing a mask of indifference. “What’s wrong with it? This method is just perfect for someone who thinks his belongs to the world after receiving a few confessions.”

Why does the Almighty sound like he’s getting his present girlfriend to smack the faces of those who had thoughts about her?

It had to be said that the Almighty’s method was… way too abstruse.

Other than Yun Hu pausing his fingers while he drank some water, the slow-to-react Lin Feng didn’t understand a thing. “Captain. Are you testing Lttle Spade’s loyalty to Supreme Alliance? You don’t need to worry. He can tell what is important. An ex-boyfriend is nothing.”

“Ex-boyfriend?” With a very indifferent voice, Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows up towards Lin Feng.

Yun Hu dragged Lin Feng back and stuffed half a bottle of water to him. “Drink more water and talk less.”

“No, I am afraid I would to pee during the competition if I drink too much.”

“Then just hold it and pretend you are drinking.”

With Yun Hu watching him, Lin Feng was not hurt by the coldness that exuded Qin Mo.

The word “ex-boyfriend” pissed him off for some inexplicable reason.

But the people in Yun Zhong team hooked up their lips and smiled after they heard the battle lineup.

Even when Fu Jiu walked to the front of the computer, they were still shouting.

“Are you sure you are going to fight against our Captain?”

“Huh, he might take the opportunity to go easy.”

“Even if he doesn’t go easy, do you think he can beat our captain and turned him gay? What a hilarious joke.”

Even Lin Xiao was laughing. He just sat on his seat with a languid coldness. “Let’s see whether the words you said yesterday were true. You had made confessions to so many people that you have forgotten who I am. When we fight, don’t let your hands tremble.”