Chapter 446 - Spade Is Dropping HP?

Chapter 446: Spade Is Dropping HP?

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Faced with such provocation, Fu Jiu did not even spare him a glance. She sat at her computer, moved her finger, and wore her headphones. Then, she opened a typing window and tested her keyboard’s sensitivity.

Seeing this, Lin Xiao cast his gaze downwards.

The youngster now was really different from the one he knew before.

If Fu Jiu had been like this in the past, who knows if he would be somewhat interested in Fu Jiu.

But so far, he was unsure whether it was a new method of using reverse psychology.


He now wanted to trample Fu Jiu beneath his feet.

And Qin Mo… was he looking down on him? To send a newbie to play him in a 1v1 match? Okay, I’ll let you have a good look at the capabilities of the fourth best player in the nation!

They switched on the computer and logged in.

Both Fu Jiu and Lin Xiao did all of that very swiftly. Their side profiles with black earphones over them made them look cool.

Yet, Fu Jiu was the only one eating a lollipop while playing games at the same time.

“While the players are selecting their characters, let us do a proper analysis. Why did Supreme Alliance send out Spade Z this round? Moments ago, Old Jiang commented that Supreme Alliance had played a bad card this time and I just thought of one possibility. Could it be possible that Qin Mo’s hand still hasn’t recovered? Since he’s not suited to play a 1v1, he chose to send Spade Z.” The shoutcaster, Old Zhang, was still rather neutral.

Old Jiang smiled. “Then Supreme Alliance will be in trouble. If Qin Mo’s hand hasn’t recovered, I’m afraid they wouldn’t even win a single match. Don’t forget, this is the homeground of Yun Zhong.”

“Okay, so much for this. Let’s watch the game. The two players are already prepared. The National League’s regional competition shall now officially begin!”

The moment the shoutcaster stopped talking, Fu Jiu and Lin Xiao logged in to Hero.

According to the competition’s rule, one needed to conquer the other party’s Crystal City before one’s third death.

Once a player was killed three times, the game would be over automatically. Whoever died was the loser.

Fans began to worry again, because the character which Lin Xiao chose was much stronger than Big Spade’s in a sense.

Lin Xiao also smiled at that moment.

With eyes focusing on the screen, feeling like a new man, Lin Xiao pressed her left hand on the keyboard and waved the mouse with his right hand. He bypassed the defense tower on the main road and chased in the direction of Fu Jiu.

A critical strike was going to land!

If the one who was standing in front was not Fu Jiu, but someone else, he would have definitely been trapped and instantly killed.

But it was because the player was Fu Jiu that it never happened.

When the silver beam landed, she moved her mouse and jumped to the left suddenly. With a nice orbwalk, she passed straight through the grass and avoided most of the shot.

But even so, she lost a third of her HP.

Such battle situation was directly synchronized on the big screen.

The members of the Yun Zhong team turned smug. “It’s useless. Don’t think you will escape Captain’s pursuit just because of one successful dodge. Spade Z is doomed. The so-called First Clear king is only worth anything among ordinary players. Over here, he will learn that he’s not qualified to be the king as long as we are here.

On the screen, Spade Z was still moving. However, she wasn’t killing her opponent the moment she saw him. Instead, she was attacking the defense tower.

Lin Feng also found the situation worrisome as seen from his eyes. “Captain, can Little Spade make it?”