Chapter 447 - Gonna lose?

Chapter 447: Gonna lose?

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Spade Z had lost a large amount of HP right at the beginning of the game.

Spade Z had never been in such situation before.

Did this mean that Spade Z would really lose?

Fans were worried.

Yet the shoutcaster added this one line: “Spade Z is probably gonna lose this time.”

“Isn’t that a given?” Old Jiang chuckled. “His present situation is like he is being chased and hit by Lin Xiao. He doesn’t even dare approach Lin Xiao at all. I think it’s already a miracle Spade Z isn’t dead. I can tell that’s the extent of Spade Z’s abilities. It can only be said that professional competitions aren’t suitable for a First Clear King like him.”

What Old Jiang said obviously showed that he looked down upon Spade Z’s techniques.

Lin Feng looked at Qin Mo again. “Captain.”

Qin Mo lifted his eyes up and had a look at him. “You should believe your teammates once they are on the battlefield. Besides, it is Fu Jiu who is competing now. Do you think he is gonna lose?”

It was a light, rhetorical question, but it felt highly suppressive.

Interpreting his words, it meant that it was impossible for that person to lose.

Lin Feng was stunned. The Captain had never given anyone such an evaluation. Little Spade was the first…

Just when he had this thought, a line of text appeared on the screen: Fu Jiu is attacking the enemy’s defense tower.

Lin Xiao’s speed was very fast as well. He quickly appeared behind Fu Jiu!

It was likely that he wanted to kill Fu Jiu by surprise!

It had to say that his strategy was pretty good.

Fu Jiu lost half her HP again from that strike.

However, she was not grounded.

She continued moving quickly with her orbwalk.

Lin Xiao was chasing after her the entire time.

After chasing for quite a while, he realized that Spade Z had returned to the city.

“What a pity!” Old Jiang couldn’t helping but say, “That was so close. Spade Z’s HP was almost gone. It seems that this game still relies a little on luck. But no one can guarantee that they will be lucky all the time. Spade Z still needs to fight and can’t behave like a deserter. If he only knows to hide, this game will be too boring to watch.”

Some of the audiences agreed with what Old Jiang said.

They were here to watch a match.

A match meant killing.

For such a regional competition of such large scales, there were countless Almighties.

Only thrilling kills drew the attention of others.

What was the point of hiding here and there?

However, even though many people didn’t have their hopes on Fu Jiu, Fu Jiu didn’t undergo any emotional changes at all.

With the lollipop still in her mouth, she rushed to the bottom lane again.

She first dealt with the neutral monsters in the jungles before heading straight for the enemy’s second defense tower.

This time, Lin Xiao didn’t attack Spade Z from behind, afraid that she would escape again.

Instead, he engaged her directly!

But just as he was about to do so, it required the youngster to actually agree to a head-on clash.

Fu Jiu moved her hands and avoided the critical blow again.

Lin Xiao narrowed his eyes. Of course, he would chase after her!

Fu Jiu walked through the grass at extremely fast speeds.

At this moment, no one had noticed that more than half the remaining defense towers of the Yun Zhong team was being attacked by the creeps.

Everyone’s attention was fixated on Lin Xiao’s ability to kill Fu Jiu in one critical strike.

Even the shoutcaster sat up his body and couldn’t help opening his mouth, “It should be fine this time.”


She returned to the city again!

Fu Jiu was back in the protected area again.

With the defense towers present, Lin Xiao didn’t enter the city without thought. After all, entry meant certain death. That was known to everyone.

As soon as the Yun Zhong team saw this, they got annoyed. “What the heck, Spade Z! Besides hiding and returning to the city, what else can he do?”