Chapter 448 - First Kill! Face Slapping Started!

Chapter 448: First Kill! Face Slapping Started!

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“Is that all First Clear King of Zone C is capable of?”

“That title definitely wasn’t obtained from attacking, but escaping!”

“I can’t understand how this kind of person got into a professional competition.”

Discussions exploded in the audience, but the members of the Supreme Alliance people remained unperturbed.

Spade Z always played by her own rules, as she attacked the neutral monsters a third time, as she swept towards the top lane.

At this moment, the audience heard a second notice.

That was… Another Yun Zhong defense tower was taken out!?

Normal people couldn’t make sense of this situation.

But anyone who encountered Fu Jiu would know that she was a very malicious person.

And Hero was frankly a castle-defense game.

Don’t tell me that the fellow is planning to…

Lin Feng looked up abruptly and looked to the fast moving character in the grass, lowered his voice because of his guesses. “Are you saying that Spade Z’s fighting of the neutral monsters in the jungle the entire time was just a coincidence?”

Yun Hu shot him a glance. “What do you think?”

“I think he had pla…”

Lin Feng didn’t finish the word “plan” when Lin Xiao appeared out of the grass!

This was such a brilliant technique, and any moment of carelessness would result in a critical hit!

Spade Z lost HP again!

The shoutcaster immediately said, “There’s no way the same thing happens more than three times. Spade Z won’t be able to escape this time!”

The members from Yun Zhong immediately stood up to cheer, “Captain, chase him, don’t let him run away again!”

However, just as people were thinking that Spade Z’s blink was to return to the city, the game character’s figure suddenly froze and lashed out backwards with his fingers.

The spinning sword shadows caught Lin Xiao by surprise, causing him to instantly lost almost all of his HP!

Nobody expected Spade Z to counterattack this moment.

The shoutcaster’s mouth stiffened.

But there was no time for face-changing in the arena.

After Lin Xiao was penetrated, his speed was reduced. There was no way for him to survive in a 1v1 skirmish, for his powerful moves were already on cooldown.

Lin Xiao didn’t hesitate after being shocked. He ran to the left decisively and retreated back to his castle!

“That was so clo…” That shoutcaster didn’t even finish his sentence.

A shadow suddenly appeared behind Lin Xiao.

Spade Z’s ID was still up there.

However, he was just too fast. Before anyone could react, he had already charged over and with a leap, dealt a lethal blow!

Lin Xiao had zero preparations and he was struck head on by the blunt object!

People couldn’t believe their eyes.

Spade Z’s ID was still there, and the moment he fell on the ground, the black battle robe was exuding silver light.

All this had happened under the tower. He had killed someone there, but it didn’t mean he could walk out alive!

But was that the case?

All the cameras in the arena pointed to the silver-hair youngster.

That handsomeness of that face was surreal.

However, the youngster’s orbwalk and maneuvering that followed accentuated his handsomeness.

His striking of the keyboard gave out crisp, clicking sounds that sounded like rhythmic music.

The youngster’s long fingers moved on the keyboard extremely swiftly, so fast that no camera could capture.

Spade Z’s ID blinked and jumped out of the defense tower’s attack range.

The flashing silver screen reflected in everyone’s eyes as their eyes quivered!

The moment Lin Xiao hit the ground, they heard that familiar sound effect from the game!