Chapter 449 - The Youngster Said to Almighty Qin...

Chapter 449: The Youngster Said to Almighty Qin…

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First Kill!

An undeniable First Kill!

Momentarily, everyone went into a frenzy!

“Holy-holy-holy shit! My Great Spade is so dope!”

“He raised the blade and jumped over the tower to deliver the kill! Who else can do that except my Great Spade!?”

“Wait a second, I need to focus, I’m here for Almighty Qin, not Spade Z! I cant switch idols!”

What happened was just too shocking.

Everyone felt numbness from fingers to scalp.

Everyone was shouting, “First Kill, First Kill!”

The sounds of cheers sounded like they were tearing apart the roof!

Everyone was shouting, “First Kill, First Kill!”

The narrator who predicted that Spade Z couldn’t live out this match was beyond embarrassed.

Shoutcaster Zhang was laughing. “Old Jiang, this result is nowhere close to what you predicted.”

Old Jiang didn’t say anything, for he nothing he said would sound right.

But talking about being shocked, nobody was more shocked than Lin Xiao himself.

He was sitting there looking at his blackened screen in complete disbelief.

How did he get killed by a toy that he despised the most?

Obviously, Fu Jiu wasn’t planning on giving him any chance to react. Using the while Lin Xiao was dead, she attacked the third defense tower, controlling her character with one hand and typing with the other. “I not only know how to dodge, but I’m also good at terminating others.”

This was the reply to Yun Zhong team and also a slap in that shoutcaster’s face.

She didn’t mince her words in any way.

Honesty speaking, Old Jiang looked really… ridiculous with the potpourri of expressions he wore.

However, the fans’ attention weren’t on him at all, for in that short period of time, the third defense tower fell!

Now Lin Xiao finally realized that he was wrong from the very beginning!

The other party wasn’t dodging at all.

He was making tower pushes all this time!

At that instant, Lin Xiao’s face looked awful.

He originally felt that he had only died once, and that the situation was still redeemable, but he soon discovered it was over.

Moreover, Spade Z’s attacking style was completely different from before.

If one described Spade Z’s previous actions as “dodging,” then he was now actually sweeping forward in an indomitable manner like an ice blade.

At that moment, people realized that this was the real confrontation!

Spade Z—that Spade Z who was so well-known to people was back!

Without any scruples, there was only one word he knew—kill.

In front of the camera, youngster was moving his mouse.

As his silver hair flitted down, that familiar sound effect rang up in the arena once again.

Lin Xiao’s body fell to the ground like a dead rock.

There was nothing stopping Fu Jiu any longer.

Fu Jiu charged forward and took down her opponent’s city without giving Lin Xiao the chance to revive a third time.

Perfect Victory!

When the two words appeared on the screen, it scattered unique golden sparkles.

This time, not only the narrator, even Lin Feng was completely shocked.

He… He won?

Isn’t that way too fast?!

Nobody knew why, but at that moment, the whole arena fell into a deafening silence.

As if they were all put under a spell as their movements froze.

As for the youngster that had done all of that, he merely took off his headphone and walked to Qin Mo. He said with a serious expression. “My confession to this person was only done randomly.”

Lin Feng: “…”