Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Fu Jiu: Almighty Qin, Do You Need Me to Take Off Your Pants For You?

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In the men’s room, Qin Mo released her collar. “Why were you standing stupidly outside just now?”

“Hah?” Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow and smoothly denied it with a smile, “When was I standing stupidly? Wasn’t I flirting with that girl?”

Qin Mo scoffed and stood aside. He didn’t have his tie on and two of his shirt buttons were open. He glanced at her, before his deep voice sneaked its way into her ear, “Didn’t you wanna pee? Why aren’t you coming over?”

Come… over…

Fu Jiu looked at that conspicuous half-concave urinal.

How could she go over?

She looked like a pretty boy, but she was still a total girl inside.

Even if she needed to pee, she didn’t need such a urinal.

Perhaps because she had taken too long, Qin Mo noticed something and suddenly walked over to Fu Jiu. He lowered his head, looked at her with his sharp eyes, and said apathetically, “I checked; at a gay meetup, two boys need to drink and pee together.”

It looked like Almighty Qin was seriously inviting her to pee together with him.

Godd*mn this gay meetup.

But… how would she pee? She didn’t have anything to pull out?

Fu Jiu tilted her head and thought about it. She then suddenly lifted her head up and pressed on the man’s chest, pushing him against the wall!

She raised her left hand and placed it against the white wall behind Qin Mo.

That posture gave a sense of fluid handsomeness.

After that, she moved closer and breathed into Qin Mo’s ear. “Actually, in a gay meetup, you take off each other’s pants. Almighty Qin, do you want to try that?”

At first, Qin Mo’s body stiffened. When he finally got back to his senses, a horrifying coldness instantly appeared on his handsome face!

He looked at the person in front of him and enunciated his name one word at a time. “Fu! Jiu!”

“Mm?” Fu Jiu was still smiling, and her right hand expressed its intentions of taking his pants off. “Don’t be shy, we are both men, we need to go through this. If we don’t compare the sizes of that thing, we won’t know who is stronger, right?”

Qin Mo couldn’t bear it any longer and grabbed that infuriating person’s wrist with his hand. His thin lips pursed, and his eyes were full of murderous intent. “Are you sick of living?”

“No, I’m just trying to be friendly with you. Almighty Qin treated me to so many lobsters, so of course, I should give something back in return. We are brothers, there’s no need to be so restrained.” Fu Jiu was blinking innocently, and she moved even closer towards him. Her beautiful figure was getting clearer and clearer. Her fair skin was so smooth that not even tiny hair follicles could be seen, and the warmth of her body temperature was lethal indeed.

Qin Mo looked at him coldly, and he couldn’t contain the urge to strangle him.


With the back of his hand, he held her hands and body against the wall. His voice was freezing cold. “If you dare to carelessly touch around again, I will tear your paws apart.”

Fu Jiu didn’t mind being pressed down by him like that. She turned around and gave a bright, sunny smile. “Almighty Qin, you are so innocent. Don’t tell me you are still a virgin?”

That laziness of hers and her silver hair really did mirror the cats he kept.

They all didn’t know what punishment was!

Qin Mo sighed deeply and pinched the young man’s jaw with strength as he said every word with equal darkness, “Be good, don’t provoke me into killing you! Understand?”

“Pissed off?” Fu Jiu murmured, “Don’t be; only intimate friends would do this.”

Qin Mo laughed coldly, then pushed her away. He fixed his own messy collar. “Don’t talk to me like you are flirting with those girls, go pee by yourself and freaking return instantly!”

“As you wish.” Fu Jiu swung her hurting wrist and looked at the cold view of his back turning away to leave. She laughed insidiously… Hehehe… Who would’ve thought that the Almighty was such a pure, naive boy…