Chapter 451 - Sticking Together Conquers All Difficulties

Chapter 451: Sticking Together Conquers All Difficulties

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Fu Jiu didn’t know that someone was already watching her.

Her attention was on the Yun Zhong team people with her eyebrows pricked up.

Next up was the 2v2 match.

Every member of the Yun Zhong team was ready for a revenge.

“Captain, don’t worry, we will restore your reputation.” The player who had previously belittled Lin Feng said, “Lin Feng and North of Yin Mountain; one of them is old and the other had once suffered defeat under my hands. I’ll return every blow we received and win it all back!”

Lin Xiao deepened his eyes and composed himself.

He didn’t forget that he was the captain of the Yun Zhong team. He said in a deepened voice, “Watch their movements, don’t let them sneak attack the towers. And both of you are are attacking, be careful with the grass.”

That person nodded and looked to his partner before they entered the arena. When they met Lin Feng again, they remained wearing a look of contempt.

When Shoutcaster Jiang saw this, he felt like he found a little of his pride back. He instantly added, “Yun Zhong had underestimated the enemy in the first round; otherwise, Spade Z wouldn’t have been able to win so quickly. I hope Yun Zhong can be more careful in the second round.”

He made it sound like Yun Zhong had made a careless mistake, but if one paid careful attention, he was accusing Spade Z of winning the game out of pure luck.

All the Spade Z fans were speechless over this narrator. How could someone still say things like that after being slapped so hard in the face?

However, Lin Feng didn’t expect his partner to be North of Yin Mountain at all.

After all, he had always paired up with Yun Hu in previous non-solo games.

And they had never been separated.

He turned to look at the fellow who had grown up with him as a child. He just felt unaccustomed to it for some baffling reasons.

Yun Hu saw his gaze and paused before walking over.

Lin Feng lifted his eyebrows, and just as he was about to say something, he saw that person look down. He wore a black wrist-protector on his left wrist and with a deep voice that sounded like everything was going to be fine, he said, “Take care of your hand, and break a leg.”

Yun Hu’s way of talking matched with his personality—simple and blunt.

But Lin Feng still felt comforted and smiled. “Don’t worry, As Little Lord, I will bring back a MVP title for you. That way, I’ll have more trophies than you.”

Yun Hu looked at the smiling Lin Feng, thinking that he could give all his trophies to him if Lin Feng really wanted.

But in order not to get him too cocky, he let him take his place before the computer and didn’t say more.

But what happened just now completely showed how wonderful it was to grow up together.

That was why there was a saying in the esports industry that when you saw these two together, you would believe in childhood sweethearts that had nothing to do with romantic love.

It was the solid support and companionship through all ups and downs.

Lin Feng looked at the Supreme Alliance’s benches.

No one could accompany him forever.

But if it was possible, he had at the very least not given Yun Hu a youth filled with regrets.

Last year, they couldn’t get into the finals because of his mistake.

And this year, he needed to win!

In fact, Fu Jiu was no longer worried having seen this; therefore, she stood up.

“Where are you going?”

As soon as youngster moved, Qin Mo looked over.

Fu Jiu lowered her voice. “Getting something to drink. I’m thirsty.”

“Little Spade, aren’t you going to continue watching the game?”

“There’s nothing much to see.”


“Lin Feng’s gonna win.”

Fu Jiu believed that sticking together would conquer anything, even under the most difficult circumstances.